best mag pouches for plate carrier

The cummerbund contains side plate pockets. However, I was unsure whether the unit would have the durability required of heavy military exercises although the lack of pre-fabricated pockets and presence of sufficient padding all matched my requirements perfectly. The shortcomings of the unit make the unit an unpleasant choice for extreme combat situations, but for every other scenario – ranging from security contracts to law and order – the presence of a sufficient number of ammunition pockets, decent adjustability and a simple flap cover system for gear/ammunition removal make this one of the best plate carriers available in the market. The people behind this best plate carrier contender understand that the average person going into combat requires at least two types of weaponry, and for this reason, they’ve provided two open top pouches, each of which is capable of holding two mags of standard M4 ammunition. I have the S&S Precision kydex kangaroo pouch insert, I’m a fan. This universal fit, open top mag holster is compatible with many different magazine configurations for handguns chambered in 9mm or .40 cal. If they have a kangaroo pouch like the Mayflower apc, you might go with the insert. Further, these straps do not merge into a bulky front, but meet directly at the base of the rig. Save your money for better/lighter plates. Further, this polyester make is durable enough to survive the heavy friction and damage involved in military exercises and I would daresay, actual combat as well. I swap from AR15, to SAM7R, to MSG90, to Hakim too often to want to deal with swapping pouches, and the GCode rifle pouches fit all of them. Hence, this unit comes with pockets specifically designed to accommodate M4 mags, pistol mags and even shotgun shells. MOLLE M4/M16 Magazine Shingle Holds AR-15 30 Round Magazine Nylon on sale for $6.79 in Coyote and ODG. While high quality nylon construction is becoming increasingly common in the market, I wanted a unit that would possess weatherproofing as well. Such support, it might be added, ensures that sustained firing can be achieved with heavy weapons without causing damage or excess fatigue to the muscles. While such a small unit does not require as much ventilation as a larger suit, it is true that the lack of this mesh lining causes air circulation problems, while the lack of mesh pockets reduces the options for carrying additional equipment. Read more plate carrier click here.

Further, it leaves enough space for a belt, so in case one needs to attach one, this unit can accommodate itself well, thus enhancing one’s combat capacities. Further, the unit could adjust to various belts and jackets and while doing so, prove durable as well. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Two years since my first purchase, the unit has also held up well against wear and tear, and combined with its features, this has made it a great investment for me. Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Assault Scenario Stealth Black, Modern Warrior Tactical Vest with Holster, Molle Fighting Load Carrier FLC Vest Woodland Camo.


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