best ublock filters

I haven't changed settings on UBlock or Firefox, unless some update loaded that I'm not aware of.

Anyway, since you’ve said that cosmetic filtering offers no privacy benefits and only hides elements from view (while not preventing those elements from loading onto the network in the first place), I’ve disabled cosmetic filtering completely. Static filter lists are enabled from the 'Filter lists' tab of the uBO dashboard. For those I have about 900 allow rules. a… Think I have maybe 7 things checked off myself. You removed the section on how to block 3rd party fonts as well as the footnote in section 2 (‘Settings’ tab setting) indicating that this would be covered as an alternative to the nuclear option (blocking all remote fonts). Your email address will not be published. fortunately it turns out, that I actually did make the exact same steps on my own. I will definitely try out LocalCDN. Download Privacy Badger: Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

The best ad blockers and anti-tracking apps let you block irritating ads, save precious bandwidth and opt out of intrusive marketing schemes. Fast, potent, and lean. I currently use Firefox on Android, is there any specific reason that you do not use Firefox? I did remove Firefox and compile the new one, install and setup all addons what I have before and uBO too and everything works now. it certainly makes sense. This approach has the following benefits and drawbacks: There was a problem. Fanboy’s Enhanced Tracking List​ and Malvertising filter list by Disconnect​​​​ had problem to updated and there were 0. I was trying to add uM along with my existing uBO setup (I followed your guide above), but the dynamic url filtering in uBO seems too good (in terms of being specific and globally applicable) to not use it.

You can use Ghostery to view trackers, which lets you see who's trying to collect data on you. All of the rest you should set to red to block these resources globally, then allow them (noop/gray) as needed per domain in the local rules column. This might also seem like a dumb question but do more filters cause more RAM usage? Is there any other add-on or mozilla configuration which may interact with LocalCDN ? Much closer to defaults here, and and as a result, less than 1/10 what you have.

Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs,,,,,,,,,,,,, Show the number of blocked requests on the icon, Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses, Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list​, fixed formatting and made minor change to the 'My rules tab settings' section, added missing settings for 'images' and '3rd-party' rules, edited information regarding remote fonts, added a footnote for the 'Disable JavaScript' setting, reversed order of change log items (newest first), updated 'Filter Lists tab settings' section - credit to reader '512Kb' for reminding me :), removed link: Blocking Web Fonts for Speed and Privacy | InfoSec, minor edit: expanded instructions for adding LocalCDN rules to uBO, added a 4th column to the 'Settings tab' section for advanced users not following either of my guides and using uBlock Origin without uMatrix, corrected an error in the 'My rules tab settings' section - thanks to commenter 'Hash' for notifying me, removed information regarding the CSP (Content Security Policy) issue since this is fixed with Firefox v77, replaced reference to Decentraleyes with LocalCDN and added additional information, changed 'I am an advanced user' setting from 'enabled' to 'disabled' for the 'Advanced guide settings' - i don't know why i ever had this set to 'enabled', especially for those using uMatrix, which is the case in the advanced guide, removed filter lists no longer included with newest version of uBO - thanks to 'theltalpha', removed Adblock Warning Removal List (thank you 'someone'), separated settings according the Firefox guide being followed.

Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 3. in the page that opens, at the very bottom, there are checkboxes for uBlock and uMatrix – i understand you’re using only uBlock, so click the uBlock checkbox and copy the filter rules 4. click the uBlock icon on your toolbar, then the settings (open dashboard) icon The downside to ad blockers is they take revenue away publications like the one you're reading and risk the ability of media to provide otherwise free content. Here's what I use + I have all ublock lists enabled. These include the Opera web browser, available on both desktops and mobile devices and Privacy Badger from the Electronic Freedom Foundation. For blocking ads on a desktop browser, try either AdBlock or Ghostery, which work with a wide variety of browsers. Comparakeet » Best Ad Blockers » uBlock Origin Review. thanks for telling me about the filter list change :), i had a chat with Startpage about these 1px GIFs and here’s what they said – so i think i’ll leave this alone for now, i’m hesitant to add the workers filter stuff because uBO doesn’t have a UI option/icon to override or a method to inform that workers are blocked, whereas uM does – i figure that many people using uBO are not too tech savvy and blindly adding the filter can break pages and they won’t know why – i do thank you for mentioning it however. > should I enable “Block requests for missing resources”? Comparakeet is supported by our readers so we may earn money when you click on links. uBlock Origin does use filter lists to know which ads and trackers to block. On the programs dashboard, you can set your own filters or use 3 rd-party filters made by other users to find the best combination that works for you. In addition, you can further customize Opera's capabilities with a wide array of extensions. Our list of the best ad blockers also include other privacy-focused extensions and apps. Close. I do block 3rd-party, 3rd-party scripts and 3rd-party frames globally however but naturally often need to adjust per site. If you are following the The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies! disable the other add-ons and check again – if that fails, see sections 6.3 and 6.5 here. 12bytes says: the following is not necessary – see my reply to this comment. Surely you don't need all that, right? and yes, blocking JS will break a lot of websites as you’ve discovered, however understand that enabling it has a huge effect on privacy – i assume you’re using uBlock O though and toggling JS per domain? Rather than be an all-in one blocking solution, Poper Blocker (aka Pop Up Blocker For Chrome), is designed to complement other adblockers. How do you find settings???

Also, as mentioned earlier, paid advertisements do not show up with uBlock Origin unlike with other ad blockers since the software is completely independent. uBlock Origin is a free add-on for Chromium and Firefox based web browsers that allows users to block all kinds of online advertisements. I haven’t experienced this myself, as I’m far too afraid to disable Javascript (which is also a built-in feature with Google’s Chrome browser). Do you know about any solution? The problem with this is that some page elements that might have been displayed had the

I’ve therefore chosen to 1:reset the settings of uBlock Origin 2:remove my extensions (5 all together) 3: restart FF and do a re-installation starting with uBlock.


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