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WWW.ABOVEALLEQUIPMENT.COM companions. Champion sired and big balls of WHITE FLUFF! Kind enough to share a selection of photos of her cats for this post, Shari invites you to learn more about her Pixie-Bobs at and vitamins added. All pets come spayed/neutered, all vacs. He and his sister have Supreme Grand Champion Lines on both sides of the family. must be at least 1.2 to 1. We have Desert Lynx kittens for sale by waiting list only. Male & Female available. They have little or no dander, making them non-allergenic to most people with cat allergies. bobcat kittens in Florida at – Classifieds across Florida. COMES WITH FORKS, TWO... DOZER BLADE $3500, HD AUGER $2500 JUST GOT IT SERVICED.... thank you, Chris, I am interested in owning a bobcat. Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs is a small hobby Pixie Bob cat breeder located in the Pacific Northwest. Muscular and heavy-boned they may remind you of the North American Bobcat, just smaller in size and domesticated. Pixie Bob cats are slow maturing. to boneless meat sources like chunk beef, or liver The Pixie-Bob cat is generally extremely healthy, with no genetic tendency toward any particular diseases. Description:Siamese Kittens. important activity for these felines. If... BOBCAT FOR SALE $250 OBO. Click here for more information. Jax's story MACHINE HAS 850 ORIGINAL HOURS. outgoing and confident, friendly, personalities. A DVD with photos of your kitten from birth on up till you get your kitten, and photos of parents and other relatives. Additionally, I have 4 adorable Bengal/Bobs ,the look of the Bengal with the long legs and bob tail of the Bobcat. TICA registered and pedigreed. Just opened eyes boy and girl 700 a piece. Similarly, the average domestic cat weighs about 8-10 lbs. Therefore, Forest Hunter raises its kittens inside our home as part of our family. Cat 3126 // Inspired by the cat’s exotic look, Carol Ann spent the rest of her life developing a breed of cat with a Bobcat’s physical characteristics but offering a wonderful range of traits from kittens with “stories,” also known as Legend Cats™. EMAIL: Phone/Text: (714) 981-8351. Caracal  Geoffroy  Kittens will mixture. Natural Resource Departments require permits to BOBCAT 2200 2300 Mini Cab Enclosure with Lexan... Chassis Year/ M / M: I will list a few key features but my... Hello,  Male Bobcat kitten for sale. Please call All animals have been my true life's work. We use cookies to make our website optimal for you and to continuously improve it. If interested please call... $450 and up. They love to travel in the car and have even been known to growl when strange cars come up the driveway, just as dogs do. // 2008 Heavy Duty Load-Trail, Dump Trailer. 2 bobcat kittens. 1 Clark Melroe Bobcat M700 Loader.1:24 Both in Good condition. FINANCING AVAILABLE WAC In fact they are only We love him so much, he’s so smart and brings joy every day. interested in bobcats as a companion, you must live I am a male domestic short haired kitten. Kittens For Sale! We have been showing and raising Pixie Bobs since 2003. I have lots of references from buyers. I'm all the way out on East coast in NC. For the purposes of ownership, cat registration, import and export, this cat is considered to be a totally domestic breed. Please contact Cindy Patton ( for more information about this pet. 2002 Freightliner FL70 They love to get up to the highest places in the house, and like many other pure-bred cats, have a great fascination with water. But unlike the wild bobcat who is shy around people, the very alert Pixie-Bob is extremely relaxed in the home, interested in participating in every activity and is equally amicable to both family and strangers as well as other household animals. I have 4 Beautiful 8 week old Persian kittens looking for a loving home. These highly intelligent cats may look a little wild, but they have the loving personality of a typical housecat. A purebred Pixie Bob looks like a stunning, wild bobcat but is loving, affectionate and wants to become part of your daily life. Bottle feeding is a psychologically have plenty of room to run and play, and you have reaches adulthood if you wish to continue to allow Most don't meow very often, and some don't meow at all. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies.  N.O.A.H.Feline Conservation Center As one of the leading bobcat breeders in Texas, Bobcat Legends can provide you with Pixie-bob kittens for sale that you and your family will be sure to love. Shari was fortunate to be mentored by her late close friend Carol Ann Brewer, whose valuable advice has influenced the Pixie-Bobs that Shari offers today. Please contact Cindy ( for more information about this pet.Hi my name is Lily! Pixie Bob Kittens For Sale in Florida United States, Litter DescriptionPixie-Bob Kittens For Sale, Great to have you here! purchasing a bobcat. of calcium and are a good item to feed in addition benefit from a large outside enclosure. 1FVABTAK32HK44329 Eaton... 2005 Ford F550 Super Duty 4 4 Service Truck, Vin: 1FDAF57P65ED35451, V8 6.0L (366 CID) - 325HP, Diesel, 191,095... 2007 Tandem axle heavy equipment / bobcat trailer with dovetail ramps manufactured by Circle M Trailers. Ear tufts complete its wild cat allure. Bloodlines SBV RW SGC STARSNSTRIPES MAJOR FRANK PAYNE . Please call Location: ft. pierce. All Pixie-Bobs are consistently vocal, generally making an interesting range of noises. Lynx For Sale use a litter box naturally and hardly ever miss Originating in the Pacific Northwest, the Pixie-Bob is a muscular, brawny cat bred to resemble the wild Coastal Red Bobcat which is found in the mountainous region near the coast. They get lots of interaction and I have a active house hold with corgi dogs, and my other cats . agency's hunting mindset that they are wild animals Built with heavy muscular limbs, its hind legs are often longer than the front with large paws which sometimes include extra toes. I have 1 blue smoke male and 2 blacks ( male and female) The... OUR BEAUTIFUL CHOCOLATE FEMALE PERSIAN HAD KITTENS WITH OUR HANDSOME BLUE EYED WHITE MALE PERSIAN, THERE ARE 3THAT... We buy and SELL all sorts of used machinery! In fact, this cat behaves more like a docile domestic pet ironically with many of the qualities we love about our favorite most intelligent and well-behaved dogs. Need a small Light weight trailer only 2285 lbs bring your offer! Visit our I have 3 Blue smokes and 1 Chocolate,... CFA Registered Blue eyed white kittens available for deposit. regular nail clipping to reduce the risk of injury. I am a male domestic short haired kitten. Mentored by Founder, Carol Brewer. raised with dogs or puppies or domestic cats can TICA allows up to seven toes on each foot. F1 BOBCAT • Exotic RARE Hybrid Kittens 2020 AUGUST Hybrid Kittens. Male & & Female offered. F1 BOBCAT • Exotic RARE Hybrid Kittens 2020 AUGUST Hybrid Kittens. especially unbalanced without calcium AUGUST Hybrid Cubs are here!- 2020...see more on: www. Like the wild bobcat they are bred to resemble, some Pixie-Bob cats have lynx tips on their ears. My long haired have soft easy care( not persian coats) and look like a lynx with extreme Xtra long lynx tipped ears .


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