brother names to go with bennett

My mom, who passed away, had a special, endearing nickname of Wolf, silly as it sounds. Naming a child after someone is a huge honor, and it doesn’t quite sound like your husband is on board. 2. Bennett and Cooper Wrightmen Good … The only thing that stopped it from being the top contender last time was that it is my cousin’s name and he is in a little trouble lately. Whatever first name is chosen for this baby boy, I think it would be really nice to honor the paternal grandma too by using Martin as his middle name. When I was married I legally changed my middle name to my maiden name to “rightfully” (in my mind) honor my father who I love and respect so much. That is my only issue with the name. It’s also a bit of a complicated explanation- “we’re naming you after your grandfathers, but only their behaviour in the last ten years.” There shouldn’t be a qualifier on an honour. Perhaps you could use a ‘boy version’ of her name (like Patricia –> Patrick), or find a name with a similar sound or meaning, so that both the boys can have middle names after their grandmothers. Susan Daggett and Michael Bennet met in the 1990s on a blind date in Washington D.C. Daggett, who went to Yale Law School developed a passion for the environment and environmental law. - posted in Baby Names: Need a name that goes nicely with Hunter? His love and passion for quality education could have something to do with his mother’s love for the english language, as she was an elementary school librarian who also volunteered at a public library in her retirement. – Conner (cute A, B, C label possibilities here) I love the names and I think it’s perfect. It seems from your letter these names will cause too many issues. [name_m]Bennett[/name_m] and [name_u]James[/name_u]

[name_m]Ambrose[/name_m]-This might be too different for you, but I thought it worked really well with [name_m]Bennett[/name_m]. Perhaps it is as easy as turning Patricia into Patrick.

My middle name is my dad’s grandmother’s name which my mom chose not knowing they did not have a great relationship when my dad was a child. My husband and I are Katie and Kevin and our last name sounds like Wrightmen. [name_m]Ernest[/name_m] See more. I would not use William as a middle name unless your DH is 100% OK with it being an honor name, and able to say its an honor name without bitterness or question. I wanted Charles or Chase, my husband wanted Charlie. – Merrill (double double letters). He is not Matt, either, he is Matthew and it would not be that we are naming the baby after him. It’s not like this is the only William they will ever encounter. [name_m]Bennett[/name_m] and [name_m]Wyatt[/name_m] People will very likely assume it’s an honor name, and quite a high honor at that, and so family members who would have a problem with that are likely to have a problem with that. Corren. A friend suggested it when we first found out we were pregnant and we knew it was the one... 20 weeks along with baby boy #2 and still super stumped on a name for him! We both just like the name. I think Connor Wrightmen sounds fine and is a great fit with Bennett! I like the idea of Matthew as a first name. I would not use a name that would hurt the child’s grandmother. Russell I typically choose from questions submitted the previous week. [name_m]Jago[/name_m] JUST IN: Democratic Senator @MichaelBennet of Colorado announces he’s running for president. I agree that you should pass on William, and perhaps Joseph and Charles as well. Do like Ezra but we are not Jewish and willem but we are not Dutch. @boyandgirl Obviously, you have excellent taste. We tend to give priority to questions that (1) give a surname or a surname stand-in (like Neelsin for Neilson, or "it sounds like Donson, but with a J"), and (2) ask for help with a boy name OR a girl name, and (3) ask for help with a name for a USA baby (I don't know much at all about how names sound / seem / are used in other countries), and (4) address an issue not recently covered. Use our sibling name generator to find the perfect names that sound good together!

[name_u]Dexter[/name_u] __________ Martin Wrightman (middle name for father’s mother Martha), And perhaps someday, Annabelle (a name also relating to your mom’s name).

If/when anyone asks about nicknames (or even uses one without asking), we typically smile and cheerfully say, “We name ’em what we call ’em!” Now that they are a bit older, they can each tell people themselves that they prefer to be called _____ instead of a nickname. Connor, we both like the name, it has double letters, the cute ABC initials (Annabelle Bennett and Connor) and I read that the meaning of Connor is “wolf lover”. [name_m]Caius[/name_m] Bennet, who has been a Senator of Colorado since 2009 is not the only Colorado politician vying for a seat in the White House. I know 2 Landons. [name_m]Huxley[/name_m] We like Christian as it is a combination of my brothers’ names (Chris and Andrew) though this is not important. You could go to those family members and say, “It’s just because we liked the name—it’s not after Dad,” but I’m imagining how I’d feel if a baby I loved was given the name of my ex-husband who had behaved very badly and left some very bad memories, and it’s not going over well in my imagination. If you were crazy about the name William, if your own father and beloved brother were also named William, if it was the only name you both loved and agreed on—in those sorts of situations, you would hear me saying it probably wouldn’t be too bad. Does your new baby already have siblings and you want names that match? There are ways to change/embed Ann into a boy’s name to use as a tribute to your mother.

Swistle (main blog) Charles William (Charles is my dad’s middle name, and was a contender last time but we couldn’t agree on a nickname. I think it’s hard to know how bad naming your son after grandpa Bill (whether or not you perceive it as such, others likely will) is, since we don’t know the full story, but it does seem like somewhere between “kind of odd” and “hurtful and offensive.” Probably not the way you want to go, but it sounds like you have let that name go regardless. Matthew Kevin actually sounds quite nice.

You say you love the name Matthew…could this be the name?! Bennet is not the first person in his family to get into politics. GettyJewish children gathering in a Warsaw Ghetto waiting for food during the Nazi occupation of Poland in 1941. Bennett and Cameron. I also would find it very awkward if this mistake happened to have been an affair – how to teach a child what this even means? Email: Swistle at Gmail dot com. You don’t want your other family members to have a negative emotional response when they first hear his name or see him every time. Harry. There are lots of way to honor parents, and to teach forgiveness without putting it loud and proud into the name your child will carry with them their whole lives. Can't find any boys names that either fit the same rules or go with Bennett. I’d move it to the middle position, or pass on it totally. I had no idea that it would be an overwhelming “no!” to William Joseph. It has featured as a name in lots of novels. I have affiliate relationships with and Also try our baby name generator with last names. Darian:) Do Connor, Annabelle and Bennett sound like a good sibling set?


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