digimon cyber sleuth walkthrough

Anyway, after you pick your starter Digimon, the scenes will continue.

Hacker's Memories are items that you can find through out the game which you can view at the computer in Hudie. Now in the new area go left and then north you will see a small white object on the floor go up to it and use the Restoration Hacker skill (usable if you have a champion level vaccine digimon). You will get a short scene once you enter this area, at the end of it, you will get the keyword "Galacta Park, Kowloon" (クーロンガラクタ公園). Then watch the last scene and this case will end, just submit at the PC. Now try to leave the room. Now some quick side work (you can ignore this and do it later if you want) The below section is just some early collection of medals and chests in places you may visit later but this way we avoid missing any when busy with cases. The last of these side quests is Ghost mixer. Also, the Nakano Broadway 1F Shop will begin operations now. Furthermore if you haven't been doing any Farm cases involving domination battles you will also get a good impression event with the person you bring along. When the arrows pass through or touches a box it means the elevator goes to that room. After the scenes this case will end just submit the PC. The main penalty this time is lowering of speed for allies until all emblems are taken. Then follow the path to the next exit. Now just follow the path to the warp point and watch the scenes. These will show you scenes that provide back ground info about the game's characters detailing hidden events that occur in both games. Which has been mapped above. You also have access to three Gacha Machines in Nakano Broadway if you want to get more medals. In this area there are 2 chests and a medal which you can pick up before fighting the enemy leader. 1 (クーロン Lv. After that you will enter a battle. Money (Yen): Shows the current money you are carrying. Head west until you run into the girl again. After that you will enter the the Shinjuku digital shift. After the scene speak to the guy with the quest marker. From this moment, you have access to the EDEN Entrance Shop. Take the elevator on the north east. After you have beaten Grandracmon the first time you can challenge the abyss server over and over again. Now the only important case "Dr datamon's new challenge". Each floor has the possibility of being any one of 3 areas. Follow the path east and then south to get another chest of course avoid the trap. Once you have spoken to everyone 1 more guy will appear in the middle of the area speak to him and pick yes to continue. There will be a scene after which you will be able to enter the cyber crimes URL. You can win the battle. Then follow the path till you reach a point where you can jump down follow that path to a warp point, you will now be back in the first room, follow the path to a chest to the south and then the path north will elt you jump down to the first warp point. Then go to other part of Shinjuku and then speak to Kyoko there and answer the first choice then the second choice. As you will have noticed you can make speech choices like with any silent protagonist you decide what they say when they do speak, this wont impact the story in any way but will slightly alter conversations with other character, HOWEVER there will come a point in the game where you will have to make decisions which can have minor consequences but wont impact the game or its ending in any way. Talk to all the people there with quest markers. Followed by a scene where you can choose your first Digimon. Just submit at the PC. After the scene head to the Demon's den, there will be a few scenes (and a very annoying familiar face). Now go up the stairs, In the next hall take the middle stair case down. After you will battle Arkadiamon Ultimate who will buff its speed but reduce its attack, Ryuji will also use items to heal Arkadiamon. Paste RED at the terminal to turn on the warp point and use it. Now head to the quest marker in Shinjuku (north of where you start). After which you will have to fight 2 eaters. There is a total of 249 obtainable Digimon in this game.

Watch the scene and then you will be brought to the power station server. Floors 1, 11 and 21 are all identical to Junk plaza and act as a base camp of sorts where you can switch you guests, use the digilab or even exit the abyss server altogether. We will now do the new normal case "Stop fighting". Then go to the dead end for a scene. There are no chests or shiny objects this tie just beat the enemy and you are done. Do the same with the PURPLE. Defeating them earns you Human spirits of Flame and Light which are digivolution requirement for them. Now take the elevator to Kowloon lvl 2. You will be back in the first room open the chest and use the warp point near the entrance and walk towards the chest east of where you warp to. After that just head to the booth and the case is complete.

The south chest has [Revival Capsule], while the north chest contains [Topaz]. The gold stars displayed on unobtained Digimon indicates that it's a DLC Digimon. Now back to the main quests we have 2 of them lets start with Mr. Navit. Now head north and pick up a medal but also use visualizer to reveal this room's pit falls. The best way to win is to beat him as quickly as possible. After the scene that follows you will be able to go to Kowloon lvl 1, so head there. After that you will get a URL for the Eden community area head there next. There are no chests or medals.

And the scenes that follow. Pick the shiny object for [YukimiBotamon Medal (ユキミボタモンメダル)], then use the green lift to ascend to the next level. There is a medal at the very end of this room, ignore the stairs for now. Walk up to them and a scene will occur followed by a battle followed by another scene and then the case is over just go to the PC to submit not back to the main story.

After which you will be in Shinjuku digital shift. After you win a scene will play and this case ends, just submit at the PC.

The item can also be any of the 6 USB equipment : Tactician Usb, Billionaire Usb, CAM usb, Large capacity usb, Ninja USB or Research USB. Go right and keep moving forward until you can go north into the next area.

Take the remaining quest and watch the scenes. Collect the chest and then go to the trap to the north east of the chest. Then grab the Memory in front of you near the police.Now leave Odaiba and go to Shinjuku to get a memory at the east trashcan in the first area.

Medical Machine (メディカルマシーン): Completely recover your party's HP and SP. Watch the scene and then examine the tv screen. Now in this room use Visualize to reveal the traps and follow the path to end while avoiding all trap until the path is blocked by a trap to the east and there is a chest to the west. Now take the north east exit down.

After they are done head to Ueno the second area outside the museum Warning this is the last time you will be able to enter Hudie make sure there isn't anything here you havent done such as the coffee machine flavors . Now go talk to the digimon with quest marker. He uses the Dubious smile, crystal revolution cycle quite often so much so the fight can take a long time.


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