divine masculine awakening

The divine masculine is the awakening qualities of the god mind and not this reality’s mainly domination. The decisiveness comes naturally to those who have tapped into their divine energy. It is an ever-present energy that is always there, it is merely obscured by your thoughts and actions. It stems from harnessing the divine masculine energy within oneself. The benefits of meditation are countless in terms of changing your life. It doesn’t matter what you choose to turn into expertise as long as you have something in your life that you are determined to develop and master. Why? Explore, question and heal your ideas and feelings towards fatherhood and towards your own father. The inclination towards either side will result in an imbalance of the feminine and masculine energies. The only way to unlock your full potential is to embrace the struggles. Your first introduction to the divine masculine is your father. Rather, it allows you to firmly stand by the best-suited decision and lets you move forward with confidence.

Awakening The Divine Masculine. Moreover, the left side of the brain is said to be the storehouse of masculine energy. She needs him to be authentic. It is one the most powerful forces of a love relationship between man and woman. We both know what we have been doing to the feminine (specially to women as a gender) but also to the feminine energy within each gender. If you are drowning in your clothes, you will naturally feel smaller and this can diminish masculine energy. Or does it make you feel young, small and stagnant? We are only a mystery to you if you don’t take the time to understand us individually. Knowing when to admit when you’re wrong is a vital part of awakening the Divine Masculine. The world is transitioning into a new paradigm where the Divine Feminine is honored as sacred alongside her Divine Masculine counterpart. The Divine Masculine is Awakening.

Or do you go to the gym because you think you’re not good enough if you’re too skinny or too fat? This is what masculine energy is about, but is it actually also divine?

First, You want to disconnect from false manhood.
Even if it feels like a storm, even if your mindset is not aligned to it, you have to take charge of your actions and emotions. If you feel you have been spending way too much time on thinking, begin by taking small steps. This page is dedicated to the awakening of the divine masculine. Also, all men and women are of both the archetypes – masculine and feminine. Adopt a confident posture. The divine feminine energy within is nurturing, caring and internal love for yourself that bring so much energy to your divine masculine energy….. The only example of masculinity we currently have is the shadow side of masculinity.

In their healed, balanced version they work together allowing each side to bring to the table their own unique values. He allows his vulnerability to be shown, because now he is aligned with his higher self, and being guided by the Universe, which makes him powerful in the right way. It does not characterize patriarchy or dominance. The goal for you, as a man, is to awaken the highest aspect of masculinity within yourself, not to become testosterone driven, competitive, egomaniacs.

He is gorgeous. Encouragement is the most divine manifestation of the masculine expression of love. Instead, know that it empowers you with healthy confidence and belief in one’s righteous actions. You can easy tap into your personal power to help educate, serve others and humanity.

It prevents us from seeing the bigger picture.

NOTE A simple way to understand this is to think about the time of your best life performance. Seek a mentor, a guru who can teach you to awaken the divine masculine within you. To begin with, try spending 15 minutes each day with an intention to awake divine masculine energies. You will find that once you distance yourself mentally and emotionally from him, You can learn to be yourself and only then can you make peace with your father. The shadow side of masculinity perpetuates vertical thinking. In contrast to the existing views, it coexists in harmony with the divine feminine. SUMMARY To fully awaken the consciousness, one needs to harness both the divine masculine energy and divine feminine. Divine Feminine: Heart Chakra/New Chapter ~ Twin Flame Channeled Reading; Divine Masculine closing old cycles; Divine Feminine Transforming awareness; Subscribe.

The masculine is repressing its true nature, and allowing his shadow side to roam freely. Learn about women. The rescuer is a boy trying to prove himself. And a s a result in the individual, it creates a feeling of being whole, balanced and happy. Copyright © 2020 Teal Eye LLC You May Also Like L.O.A. SUMMARY Responsibility, leadership, courage, adventure, growth-orientation, etc.

This means that one of the most important parts of the process of coming into your own masculine essence is to examine and heal the relationship between you and your father.

It is aligned with truly caring for others and being unconditionally attached to the fruitfulness of their circle. Divine masculine is all about growth and encouraging others towards growth. Confidence is forward moving energy. It is the energy of accumulating material resources and distributing those resources to those he feels responsibility for. Most new age men and women seek the twin flame relationship because of the oneness it brings when finding a woman that embraces both energies to fit with yours on every single level.

You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Unlike your divine masculine, your average ego-male perspective character will attract a beautiful superficial woman that won’t be able to help you with your expansion and spiritual growth…. Divine Masculine: Spiritual Awakening/Be Fearless!! It is the energy that prevents us from being feckless and immature. Let us look at some of the differences between traits of the divine masculine and the divine feminine: SUMMARY To fully awaken the consciousness, one needs to harness both the divine masculine energy and divine feminine. It more than just a match mate in heaven but more of a match with true divine love that transcends every dimension…. We want you to open our door for us; most of us just don’t know it yet because we’ve been taught that you opening the door for us, makes us powerless to you and incapable. She needs him to be authentic. Time and again, we have interpreted the masculine behavior as dominant, arrogant, chauvinistic, heartless, corrupt and what not! June 1, 2019 Nurturing your Twin Flame relationship The idea of male and female in this reality is false concept just like your social security number, therefore you should disconnect yourself from who you think you are to the awareness of you divinity which I go into more here….

It is a kind of self-control that doesn’t let you wander around from your goal.
This is the norm of this reality’s idea of what a male is all about like chasing beautiful college women, drinking stupidly, and other male ego-centric things that keep divine masculine energy suppressed.Your divine masculine love is kind and like the feeling a father has for his son. If You Experience These 4 Signs with Your New Partner, Run, Election Analysis Exclusive: Here is What Will Happen on Nov. 3, Six Powerful Quotes That Slapped Me Square in the Face, 7 Things You Should Never Do in the Morning. And so, the power struggle was born. This is a divine union and/or sacred union, and the joint energies brings about an awakening. Most of us haven’t questioned our beliefs relative to gender roles. Understand the true meaning of Divine Masculine, 5. Take on the role of the encourager. The more you learn about women, the more confidence you will have around them. In order to be whole, a person must learn to harness both the divine masculine and feminine energies. The masculine is proficient in deciding what’s logically sound while keeping emotions at bay.

Perhaps the masculine within us can sense the feeling of shame and guilt to what we have been doing to ourselves but is still a bit afraid to face that kind of darkness. When balanced, they awaken the individual to a perfect balance with the surroundings. If you are the worrier or the skeptic, who warns yourself and others against going through with things (who warns against forward movement) you are suppressing the divine masculine.

If you have resistance to your father, you have resistance to the divine masculine within you.

The Divine Feminine is raising now and calling out to his Scared Masculine to wake up from these illusions and step into his true power.

Through logic and understanding, the divine masculine energy equips one with good decision-making skills. Therefore, when your feminine energies are highly awakened, you tend to shift more towards emotions. They are one. But hey this is just my personal point of views. The divine masculine is what is going to support the birth process of the new earth, which is being brought into manifestation by divine feminine. It is considerate, faithful and values the bond shared with their partner. To awaken the divine masculine, let us look at some of the ways that can help us realize this divine energy: The divine masculine can only be understood once we learn to identify the twisted versions of masculinity we have since the beginning. These resources can provide you with immediate help (click here). Your confidence will naturally make your body language and posture change; but what most people don’t know is that you can deliberately use confident body language and posture to create mental confidence. It is the “Yang” side of the universal frame. If not, do not over think and take another step more consistent with your goal. If you would like to share some of your ideas then please feel free to leave a comment below or share this post with others. I will share my personal point of views on why I think the divine masculine energy is out of balance with the divine feminine energy. We do this because it is confusing to be a woman. As it applies to men, the path of self-actualization asks that those who were born male, embrace and express their masculine essence. Consequently, this will gradually awaken your divine masculine and transform the way you function.

... 9 Ways to Awaken the Divine Masculine Within You;

Once you become enlightened of the power within then you will also see the internal divine feminine energy is balanced inside you…


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