elephant seal vs orca

We don't know the dynamics between these two oceanic top predators well enough to say. Get answers by asking now. But in the great showdown between shark and orca, who benefits? South Africa.

Bull elephant seal vs Orca? Tweet; Habitat: Península Valdés. Can I ask a serious question as to why elephants don't have wings? Why do humans always feel the need to insult dogs and animals.

Observers saw the orcas feasting on seals, and while all the tagged sharks survived, others without tags may have been picked off. Nothing dominates the world's oceans like the Killer Whale. Data collected from those tags, says Aquarium Senior Research Scientist Dr. Salvador Jorgensen, made it possible “to capture one of these rare events with the full force of our tracking technology.”. Here we see orcas in the Puget Sound near the San Juan Islands. Being able to take bumping into other elephants isn't enough durability to no sell a charging Orca. Reach out- I don't bite!

Look here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Orca_Schaedel_S... to see an orca skull, with jaws and teeth. Proviso: The Killer Whale has to be new born and without its parent. You might have seen me on Discovery Channel's Shark Week, National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, heard my TEDx talk or read my Scholastic books.

If it’s the latter, the opportunity to eat the vanquished shark’s liver, as the orcas did in 1997, would be what Sal calls an “ancillary benefit.”, The liver, made up largely of oil, is where white sharks store energy. The Killer whale is also larger than the southern elephant. I write about sharks, the diverse people who work with them, and why both matter.

( Log Out /  The orcas departed just a few hours later, but the tagged white sharks were spooked. Orcas mental capacity is equal to or greater than that of humans. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Still have questions?

Have you ever seen something that touched your hea... IS Mike Membre a real person?

All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Keep this in mind whenever you create your hypothetical fights. The same pattern has also been reported in Australia and South Africa. I write about the latest, exciting research on sharks worldwide! Why aren't tankinis made with elephant print? It appears none of you know anything about orcas or elephant seals. The electronic tags showed all white sharks leaving the area within mere minutes following the arrival of orcas, even if they didn't stay long!

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Does the fact that a peacock can get off the ground before a predator can snap him up tell the peahen anything about his fitness as a sire?


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