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evoshortybulls.com is 1 decade 2 months old. This dog was developed by Jamie Sweet and Amy Krogman of the Shorty Bull Society in the US. Splayed feet and weak pasterns area fault. There's fire in the belly of every Shorty BLUE RIVER builds. Temperament and Behavior. All rights reserved. Eyes should have an oval shape and not protrude from the skull. It is particularly good with kids. Our Shorty Bull adventure started in 2011, with our first 3 Shorty's, they did well in the showring, we championed BlackHawk and he placed in the dog trials. This dog was developed by Jamie Sweet and Amy Krogman of the Shorty Bull Society in the US. are The grit should be evident and even youngsters show a cocky swagger from the minute they leave the whelping box. Legs: Heavy boned and in direct proportion to the body. The energy level of this dog often fails to keep pace with their size, and hence they can’t always pursue their objects of interest for long periods of time. The Shorty will surely take its rightful place alongside the American companion breeds. This breed is normally good-natured and not aggressive, and makes an exceptional family pet; as is its breeding, a Shorty usually has a strong work ethic, and tends to be focused and alert. Shorty Bulls have a strong desire to please and are highly intelligent and good natured. You need look no further than these short-legged bulldozers on nitrous to find TRUE bulldog attitude and grit, mixed with some new style in a more bite-size package. Outdoor games are great – these dogs are fantastic Frisbee players – as is a long daily walk. Most shorties do well with other animals when raised together or introduced at a young age but problems can arise when dominant Shorties are introduced to members of the same sex that are also dominant. Keep an eye out for those breeding and promoting nothing more than pretty faces for top dollar without offering testing to monitor quality. Tails that are longer than one inch at birth should be docked to one inch. Temperament:  Good natured and even tempered. Shortys have been worked by some in various working venues such as protection sport, agility, weight pulling and obedience. The name ‘Shorty Bull’ has been trademarked by Sweet and Krogman. Some registries will piggy-back on the tails of other registries to carry their shows and rely on the forums of others to promote themselves, but the BBC stands alone to ensure the Shorty is its SOLE focus with a qualified team appointed by Jaime Sweet herself. Shorty Bulls can lead active lives in busy environments or can adapt to quieter lifestyles with short periods of daily exercise. Shorty Bulls have a Most Shorty Bulls are born with a naturally short tail which may be either kinked or screwed, but longer tails occasionally appear in the breed at this point and those must be docked. The Official Breed standard has been carefully laid out by the Bull Breed Coalition and it describes the attributes of a TRUE Shorty. For a long time the choices for bull breeds in a 25-35lb travel size has been limited. Therefore a proper training is necessary and always keep it on a leash or a house with a fenced yard. There have been many fraudulent papers from other registries, giving breeders Shorty Bull papers on dogs that are not pure bred Shortys. With its Bull Breed ingredient list, this breed is a blend of the best qualities of each while striving to overcome some of the congenital and structural set-backs afflicting it's bully cousins. © 2020 (101DogBreeds.com). temperament, Shorty Bulls have a high activity level and are Long legs in proportion to the body or fine bones are a serious fault. Shorties were bred to be extremely healthy; because of the relative newness of the breed, no health issues are known. They are spayed or … We could have the whole package in one dog, athletic, energetic, healthy, happy & loves kids, at 40lbs or less. Shorties should be balanced and well rounded, being able to adapt to many different situations and environments. Lending to the appearance of strength. The tail is normally docked to a nub, but if undocked is medium-length and either screwed or curved. Adding non- bull breeds to the mix is like mixing salt into your coffee... the aroma is still there, but it tastes like crap! 7 Acre Kennels, Caldwell, Idaho, United States. 1:01. The shorty bull is alert, agile, curious and watchful and would usually alarm the family of a stranger or an unusual noise. Your email address will not be published. A 4’ fence will not keep a Shorty enclosed. Do not accept a puppy or dog that papers are in the mail & will be sent. These dogs are affectionate with kids and friendly toward other pets (though they may chase cats due to a high prey drive). Weight is 20-45 pounds for males, and 15-40 pounds for females; height for both sexes is 13-16 inches at the shoulders. The prime characteristic of the shortie bull is its comical personality. With aging, these dogs often start to develop dominance issues, when they start to believe that they are actually ‘bigger’ than their true size. The Shorty Bulls are, in reality, too small to do any “real” protection work but the desire is in them to play the game. For people who wonder what breeds are included in a Shorty Bull's gene pool, the honest answer is that numerous breeds are in the makeup of many dogs sold as Shorty Bulls. Crate training is also recommended to begin at a young age and again, routine is key to good crate habits.


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