figure it out bass tab blu detiger

Yeah, it's been pretty crazy I guess. It just, I don't know, it just kind of happened. @claaracolaI attempted transitions today ##quarantinemeals ##fyp ♬ Figure It Out – Blu DeTiger. Yeah it's kind of true, that one really did write itself. I mean I'm so grateful for all those experiences and I think I'm more just appreciative. Blu DeTiger joins The Current's Jim McGuinn for a virtual session to perform a few tracks she's released this summer, and talks to us about sharpening her skills while playing bass over DJ sets in New York clubs pre-quarantine, finding success on Tik Tok, and what she'll be releasing later this fall. The rising artist gave us a virtual tour of her studio space, which is just as funky and colourful as you’d expect, equipped with all the gear she needs to create including seven guitars (mostly bass, of course).

My older brother was playing drums at the time, so I wanted to play an instrument too. Listen Live, Acoustic, Americana and Roots It’s about longing for a pre-covid time or a post-covid time. Each lyric rolls off Blu's lips oozing swag and style, as she nails each note and nonchalantly tells her suitor "thank you, next". Live bass, live vocals, live drums, and tracks. I was always writing music but I think my passion for DJing led me onto the path of releasing music under my name. Yeah I was gonna ask if you had rehearsed the songs that you were going to play bass on in your DJ sets of if you were figuring out the key and figuring out the chord progression on the fly and trying to fill and also trying to fit in with the drum patterns as it happened because that's pretty audacious!

Listen Live, by Where I knew that those songs worked well but I would have to test those out first. Is that how you kinda got into music? Which was insane.

I was seven, so in my head, this is just how I remember the story, but in my head I was thinking that guitar was too mainstream and I wanted to be more unique and different and I chose bass. It’s at this moment I’m introduced to Blu DeTiger, the NYC native with a penchant for groovy dance tracks and an unabashedly cool fashion aesthetic to match. Sometimes there were like those, you know, I had a few songs that were just kind of like in my book of, bag of tricks I guess. [Music: "Cotton Candy Lemonade" by Blu DeTiger]. But now it's like this whole new thing, right? Download Pdf.

Is that something that is common or was that just a lightning strike kind of moment for you? Ever. I fell in love with the feeling when DJing – controlling the room, being a tastemaker, making people dance, telling a story throughout the night with the set, and meeting eccentric people. When I’m working on my own I’ll usually start with a drum groove and add bass, then the rest will unfold. I love talking to people and showing my appreciation for their support.


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