how to build a hvac trunk line

I know I said you could save money doing it yourself and you can. The trunk is sized incorrectly so you need to replace it, building a home, or you just want too. Build a framing box the length, width and depth of the duct you will cover. Push the cut pieces in each open end of the plenum. All rights reserved.
Fasten rails with 16d framing nails and a hammer; put two nails into each rail through the top and bottom plates. Repeat the process to mark each cut line, including the 1-1/2-inch mark placed near the end of the duct board. I have changed my HVAC 2 times and would never attempt such a job. There could be a couple of reason why you need to install a trunk line for HVAC. Because it could save you thousands! By providing your email address and name, you will receive our newsletter plus you will receive the FREE 3 things to do before starting a home project PDF!! You can conceal these ducts, however, by framing around them and covering the frame with drywall or other siding. Cut four 2-by-2-inch boards to the length required with a table saw or circular saw. Pull the soapstone along the edge of the T-square to mark the line.

If you continue to use this site you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use. Fasten the ladder rails inside two long 2-by-2s with centers spaced 24 inches apart. Use the crimpers if you have to cut the pipe. Wear long clothing and a respirator to avoid irritation from the fiberglass fibers. Attach the bottom of the trunk at an angle hammering into place. Secure the end caps to the plenum. For the system to work, you have to re-circulate the air back to the furnace. An attic fan can help reduce heat inside a home and overall cooling costs. Put the crimped end in first, then put the other end of the duct in. Pull the V-groove tool along each marked cut line. Note: Use a power nut driver to drive self-tapping sheet metal screws. The conditioned air then re-circulates back into the system as needed. Hammer the ends of the metal to attach the pieces together, later seal with sealant. Manual J HVAC Design Service - ACCA Manual J, S & D Reports for HVAC Permits Quality Residential Manual J HVAC Calculations since 2005! Since retiring he has written freelance stories and a weekly computer security column. Don't miss your favorite shows in real time online. Make sure the pieces are pushed completely together using the metal pieces.

His articles have appeared in The News-Press, a local Southwest Florida newspaper and a small Southwest Florida fishing magazine. So, it comes as no surprise that the trunk line of a heating system is the large duct leading out of the furnace that delivers the massive amounts of air it takes to heat or cool a house. SIDE NOTE: My uncle helped us install the furnace and AC. Check your email for details. During cold weather, gas burners create heat in the heat exchanger (Image 2), which in turn heats the air. The hot air goes up into the plenum and from there flows to the supply trunk line (Image 3) where it is distributed through vents throughout the rest of the home. Measure off 2-by-2s in sections to make "ladders" for the box sides; make these to the depth of the duct less 1 1/2 inches, to compensate for the width of the 2-by-2s plus the clearance.

Slide the duct board knife along the width of the duct board. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. It was not hard but they both needed to be adjusted for the elevation & test levels to work properly. Install the ceiling register boot (Image 1) so you will know how long to cut the supply duct. Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! Attach the Takeoff to the Main Supply Line, How to Replace Ductwork and Install a Return Vent, How to Install a Radiant Heat System Underneath Flooring, Building Off the Grid: Cabin of No Return, Building Off the Grid: Glacier River Cabin. The trunk is sized incorrectly so you need to replace it, building a home, or you just want too. Air ducts are essential and efficient, but they can be unsightly in a finished basement or inside a house. Don't freeze those tootsies: Keep any room warm and comfy with radiant floor heat. And because it factors in everything (vents, furnace type, & AC type) you should have a professional do this part.

Dampers are critical for the efficiency of a forced air system. This PDF is absolutely FREE to my newsletter subscribers. This main trunk or distribution line often runs the length of a house and is punctuated by dozens of smaller feeder ducts that direct air into other areas of the home. Place the center guide in the pilot hole and start the cutting bit along the circumference of the hole. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Attach trunk line to wood using 1.25″ screws (. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Mark 2-by-2s to fit across the bottom of the two ladder sections, spaced to the size of the duct plus at least an inch on each side, 14 inches for a 12-inch duct, for instance. Nail the top ladder sides into every ceiling joist with framing nails.


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