iroh vs ozai

I mean, that is more impressive to me than burning a huge forest like ozai did, the biggest feat Ozai has pulled of, beating Aang without AS, has not necessarily been matched by Iroh. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. We don't know how much older than Ozai he is, but if it's likely that Iroh had received royal training for longer than Ozai has been alive. The reason he never challenged Ozai is that he didn't want to kill his own brother.
Under Sozin's Comet, I'd give Ozai a 6/10. I know we all hate Ozai and Iroh gets all the hype. Under the rule of Fire Lord Sozin, Ozai and Iroh’s grandfather who kickstarted the Hundred Year War, the Fire Nation set out to obtain absolute power and dominion over the other three nations, a goal which was passed down to both Ozai and Iroh. As far as we're aware, Ozai never partook in front-line battles meaning he has little experience fighting other bending forms. While the epic showdown between Iroh and Ozai never took place, which of them in theory is the more powerful firebender that would've won that fight? Related: Avatar: Why Katara Ending Up With Aang Is Better Than Zuko.

It’s still a form of fire bending. While Iroh eventually outgrew that kind of biased thinking once he explored the world outside of the Fire Nation, Ozai maintained the belief that true firebending stems from destruction, anger, and power itself. Despite this animosity, however, Iroh never challenged his brother to reclaim his birthright. While Iroh seemingly cared for Azula when she was little, as seen when he sent her a doll from the Siege of Ba Sing Se, that attachment deteriorated. None of this matters because Uncle Iroh, the man whose aim in life is to run his own little tea shop, is considerably wiser than his little brother (while also possessing equal amounts of endurance and skill.) Ozai is a hot-headed idiot, wasting Sozin's comet spraying a rock ball for minutes instead of just zapping it. Posted by. Meh? Hell, even within the Avatar universe, Azula is known to be more powerful than Zuko and starts losing the mental battle in their Agni Kai. I’ve been, been, been noticed a couple matches that shouldn’t have went how they did. Ozai lost to aang without the avatar state, as he did with zuko. Ozai war einer der tyrannischen Herrscher der Feuernation während des Hundertjährigen Krieges. Did you know? In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This means the fight is going to be longer than it would’ve been with lighting.
While Iroh and Ozai never fought personally within Avatar: The Last Airbender, one way to gauge how their battle may have unfolded would be to examine the fight between their counterparts, Azula (Grey DeLisle) and Zuko. After his son Lu Ten died in battle, Iroh was too grief-stricken to contest his brother’s claim to the throne. Ironically, what Ozai would have considered his brother’s greatest failure, abandoning his occupation of Ba Sing Se and exploring the other nations, is actually what bestowed him with the knowledge and experience to defeat his brother in a firebending battle. He maintains a stable composure, which is largely responsible for most of his successes in combat. Ozai was implied to be the more powerful firebender during the war. Even before his transformation, Iroh was renowned for his firebending, since he could breathe fire and was rumored to have slain the last dragon himself. Iroh had to charge quite a bit to get a fireball as big as the one he used to bring down the wall, while Ozai did not need as much to make a large stream of fire. R2: Probably Iroh. Example: Crystal Catacombs (place where crossroads of destiny took place) or Tree of Time battlefield where Korra fought Unalaq/ Wan fought Vaatu. We can assume that Azulon did the same for Iroh and Ozai.


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