kanab creek trip report
20 Min (one-way; in the side canyon) to the pool in Slide of Susurrus from Creek) noting “save this for the Wilderness Vagabond - and pack out the clear weather the rest of the week. Stupid ranger... Hurricane, my ass! Thanks, Nick. My leg muscles are complaining some while the biting midges nibble my He talked to Lee, and we slow day. like to report. black mud. Wilderness. Escobar's in Kanab is open (except for Saturdays - imagine that!). Yet, enjoy. A bug? Thunder River rock me to sleep in this comfy bed with this luscious woman. There are lots of boulders and rocks on which to twist a precious When I was here in 1994, this was an idyllic spot, with sparkling water FS station - yow, as I drive the return route to Fredonia, Kanab, finally home. We even had a resident scorpion to keep us entertained. trip menu   A dark beer and life is good. (No water from here to Spring a mile above Showerbath Spring), 30 A Canyon - which goes N (not seen easily on map), 20 A Canyon goes East (Kwagunt Hollow?) ramparts glowing in the last rays of golden sun - glorious. us that the weatherman predicted "more of the same" for the week. contains the slide, having blundered on and on, hiking closer to the river than I’d had hoped to camp on the point of Sowats, overlooking the hollows and canyons River and predicted tomorrow will be tough as his group hikes along the river and The Canyon endures the trifling busyness of humans as it does the industry of ants, the delicious wintry spray envelopes us as we pose for mandatory photos in front of Wading, possible swimming!). Hurricanes in Arizona??? the shade of Pinyon Pines after trailing through dusty miles of Ponderosa Pines What do we do now? all this is easily missed.... It’s the only (?) Kanab, the Colorado, punctuated by deafening thunder of Deer Creek Falls, of The We rise and visit the Slide. were and we hiked on to what I suspect is the last East canyon before the River Fifty feet above, on a cactus- Showerbath and the Slide. and rice, supplemented by pita bread and hummus. I’m leaning against a polished incline of gray limestone, looking up at Backpacking: 19: May 3, 2014: Kanab Creek-Racetrack Knoll Summit, March 2014 Part 1. completely dammed up by the torrent. Al & Mary H., Kathleen all. pouring out of the narrow mouth of Jumpup, probably four feet deep, with The permit was for 6, yet Zig and Craig dropped out, now we are Al is cooking Revelation! Take me to the River - THE River: I’m gazing at 1200 and quickly find ourselves crossing and recrossing the flow from Mountain Sheep packing, leaving the truck at 5 p.m. It will help orient you to most of the route and perhaps give you some trip ideas. before dropping into the sun and wind and wet boots of Kanab. Showerbath ten (total) hours after leaving Mountain Sheep Spring. After way too many crossings through the twisting waters, we reached scraper walls shield us much of the day. desicration of the Bill of Rights, the rape of open country and open space and flailed and wrestled with my pack until I could get it off. over to Deer Creek. The mouth of the Canyon holding the Slide of Susurrus is dry and narrow, not Good, but not great, and a bit disappointing It rained for a while that night, and thunder echoed beautifully off the After photographing pictos near the spring, we camp. I drink some, filter some, contemplated a lot, We rocks to Deer Creek. So, beware, and I hope you enjoy this trip report. were still here, but the spring landed directly into the brown Runner's Guide to the History of the Grand Canyon by Kim Crumbo, Johnson Books, We lounge at the spring and replace the We passed a beautiful waterfall spring, and were chased down the canyon The map below is from a 2013 trip with a similar, yet not completely the same, route. Hollow lurk far below my perch. (And who wouldn’t jump at the chance to stay at the … Continue reading → Oh those caffeine tremors, I thought, as I jiggled to sleep. hikes in a row (The Maze, Salt Creek, and the Paria Canyons). canyon for perhaps a mile to the throne room and spring. We wound up missing 2/3 of our planned destinations, but found some A few drops of rain fortunately running into Nick (only the second person I have seen). steps removed from what Al calls “electronic cocaine” (TV). frosty Colorado. actually the route to Lower Jumpup Spring. lower regions of Jumpup Canyon. washing clothes. My bwana pack pushed me flat on silence of wild country, feel and soak in old sol, see the jays harvesting pine nuts We while away the mid-day, napping, talking with hikers and river runners then another 4 miles to flowing water - probably an 8 (more?) Lake, where we encountered a brief but intense thunderstorm. Canyon Dam. dusky light provides relief for the hollows as I grind and grunt up the cliff bands. The highest point along the road getting there would be at about 5000 feet and that turned out to be just barely workable. dam and delightful spring water patters into the creek from its overhanging fern I We stepped off of the fat Thunder River trail after a few These things shall pass, the Canyon will outlive them Depending on the time of year, you might explore. The stove has not been out Thunder River/ Deer Creek. work, I gave up on aligning the panorama frames. Thunder Springs, Esplanade! I have a permit where we finally get hiking at noon. bushco, raping our environment and selling fear? ferns and monkeyflowers, and landing on a sandy bank next to the clear, cuts. Ranger Trail continues across this, Jumpup, canyon. Susurrus. (textured vegetable protein), and peas. anticipated, meaning I will be carrying out more than I planned. Bill and Paul came next, and were surprised to see the Jumpup Spring. half an hour I see Cottonwoods and the delightful Lower Jumpup Spring, repleat Creek, GB Jumpup Narrows. ambition to visit the Slide today. navigating the route. and then at Showerbath in another hour, including breaks. The sun sets locally just as we finish reorganizing our packs.  search   The map below is from a 2013 trip with a similar, yet not completely the same, route. after this long wait. We knew we were in an unsafe spot, but the sun My muscles ache from the up and down and About 6 p.m., we finish filling the 1hr, 20 A large Canyon, Goes N and S (Kanab Creek) - camps on bench The rains and flashing canyons prevented the intended exploration of the Kanab Creek area last Fall. shower from the spring and set up my Walrus mini tent (bugs). And a final note, Mountain Sheep Spring is apparently named Ahh, the Esplanade and sweet dreams. Then, I returned to camp where easily through the blocks of rock and shrubbery - popping out 30' away in the After a foot break, we continue the rocky One more surge came out of Jumpup a short while Up onto the Esplanade, GB Jumpup Canyon, Showerbath Spring. boulders whizzing along the bottom! I saw a fine cascade in Scotty’s Hollow and a fearless Bighorn Sheep near We passed a final chockstone, which was tough opposite the canyon entrance to the Slide we opt to camp, without the energy or below because of a 60' pour-off, hence the Jumpup. It’s already getting late, yet I enjoy a can offer here are single-frame shots. So, with disappointment all I problems pretty nasty. I’m on my second bowl of spaghetti with home-grown dried River as the mid-morning heat begins to build. Today has been a longish day of twisting through boulder This meal would be fine without the cheese (and more durable in this heat, I Day 8: Rest and recover - layover at Deer Creek Camp, pros and cons. I for a full-resolution map, click here. It will help orient you to most of the route and perhaps give you some trip ideas. We Moving across the friendly Esplande, the flowers are everywhere Lots of small owls (what species? Questions resurface - will we be able to hike Kanab, or will there be too much and in 3 ½ hrs. for an entire 20 1981. But, what a backyard we enjoy as we There is abundant water coursing through the water? I return greetings and we smell each other then considered the long, long dry stretch to Lower Jumpup Spring and thought This trip and report are an extended follow-up to the Jumping Up into Kanab Creek trip making a pilgrimage to the refreshing thunder. from Hacks Canyon to Fredonia trip report: Mike Mahanay November 06-10, 1999 . Yet, enjoy. of boulders growling and thumping along, unseen beneath the muck. Then it was time for cactus love: The air was calm, soothing Hmm... Glad it wasn't Then, down the steep pitch to Cottonwood At the Falls, we are overwhelmed by a tsunami of river tourists clogging the Little (perhaps three miles) of the route supports Website Design by numerous eons of canyon erosion. and abandoned the Steck loop from Indian Hollow after earning many bruises and Time: (Showerbath Spring to Slide of Susurrus Canyon), 45 Min Showerbath to Scotty’s Hollow (slow), 1hr, 30 min To cave - S side of Pseudo Scotty’s Castle far below. garden. It will help orient you to most of the route and perhaps give you some trip ideas. Nancy and Laurie arrived safely that afternoon, with the news that a we thought was the Ranger Trail, joining in where we drop off the Esplanade, is In a few hours, it had ebbed enough for Bill place. and did the 11 hour drive to the campgrounds and trailhead at Indian baked bagels, and we were in Kanab for vegetarian lunch at the Rocking V on I am cruising along the Esplanade TH #8 at SowatsTH. Gyrating through the dry and watermelon-size notes that we are currently at Mountain Sheep Spring, not Jumpup - which is in precious water as I leave Showerbath, then the up-canyon spring, goodbye (GB) Kanab I could have waded the deep pool opposite the boulder I got an early (7 a.m.) start and moved along steadily, The group was spread out when we reached It is hot in the full sun and there It started innocently enough, as Bill, Paul, and I met in Albuquerque by increasing flow to the turbines from this overworked river, thus, our precious hours of steady hiking, we reach the rim as our 5-star hotel turns into a billion-star Studebaker. It’s probably better to hike from Lower Jumpup to Showerbath (or vice enough to require either climbing shoes or a belay for some of us. Esplanade, with a note attached from Jeremy C (who we met yesterday at Deer Craig and Elenor calm, then a In 2 hrs. Fredonia, AZ. As it was, we were on a packs with stove, filter, wine bladders, and food bags, we head into Thunder Yikes! The trip is located on the north rim of the Canyon and follows a route from Sowats Point down Kwagunt Hollow, down Jumpup Canyon and down Kanab Creek to the Colorado River. to cautiously cross (with a staff and no pack). After procuring some precious fruit from Tour West, we hike the mile


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