loyal heart dog
Although, he was seen dancing with the gang when Matthew and Charles were adopted into the Mastiff family. Loyal Heart was a minor character in the 1985 film. #4 – St. Bernard. Birthday, When Professor Coldheart later attempts to cover an entire city park in cement, Loyal Heart was among the Cousins present who helped use their Cousin Call to change it back. Inside Out (Cheer Bear, Loyal Heart Dog and Proud Heart Cat and Friends Compelete Style) - Transcripts, https://pachirapong.fandom.com/wiki/Inside_Out_(Cheer_Bear,_Loyal_Heart_Dog_and_Proud_Heart_Cat_and_Friends_Compelete_Style)?oldid=41808, Riley - Millie Burtonburger (Kid Vs. Kat), Newborn Riley - Baby Poof (The Fairly OddParents), Sadness - Loyal Heart Dog (The Care Bears Family), Disgust - Proud Heart Cat (The Care Bears Family), Anger - Squidward Tentacles (SpongeBob SquarePants), Bing Bong - Foghorn Leghorn (Looney Tunes), Jill's Joy - Giggles (Happy Tree Friends), Jill's Sadness - Petunia (Happy Tree Friends), Jill's Disgust - Patty the Squirrel (Happy Tree Friends), Jill's Anger - Margaret Wade (Dennis the Menace), Jill's Fear - Gina Gillotti (Dennis the Menace), Bill's Joy - Cuddles (Happy Tree Friends), Bill's Sadness - Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes), Bill's Disgust - Wile E. Coyote (Looney Tunes), Dream Director - Cleveland Brown (Family Guy/The Cleveland Show), Rainbow Unicorn - Romantic Heart Skunk (The Care Bears Family), Jangles the Clown - Dr. Strangeglove (Moshi Monsters), Jangles the Clown (Human) - Richard Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball), Jangles' Sadness - Grumpy Bear (The Care Bears Family), Jangles' Disgust - Krusty the Clown (The Simpsons), Jangles' Anger - Flippy (Happy Tree Friends), Jangles' Fear - Lumpy (Happy Tree Friends), Jordan's Joy - Bradley Biggle (South Park), Jordan's Sadness - Skippy Squirrel (Animaniacs), Jordan's Disgust - Pepe Le Pew (Looney Tunes), Jordan's Anger - Billy Dog (The Busy World of Richard Scarry), Jordan's Fear - Toothy (Happy Tree Friends), Cool Girl - Carrie (The Amazing World of Gumball), Cool Girl's Friends - Kristen and Kristen (6teen), Cool Girl's Joy - Princess Silia Spacebot (The Spacebots), Cool Girl's Sadness - Penny Ling (Littlest Pet Shop), Cool Girl's Disgust - Maidtchi (Tamagotchi), Cool Girl's Anger - Little Miss Bossy (Mr. Men), Cool Girl's Fear - Penelope Pussycat (Looney Tunes), Teacher - Mrs. No information Loyal Heart Dog is one of Gaspard's stuffed animals and one of the major characters in the Black Lion franchise. Suddenly, Jackie and Stinky kidnapped Loyal and the other toys and silently left the house. The Care Bears Movie (1985) Origin Danish: Trofast Hjerte ("Faithful Heart")Dutch: Trouwhart Hond ("Faithful Heart Dog")French: Touloyal le chien ("Always Loyal Dog")French (Canadian): Coeurloyal le Chien ("Loyal Heart Dog")German: Hündchen Treuherz ("True Heart Dog")Japanese: ロイヤルハートドッグNorwegian: Trofast ("Loyal")Potruguese: Companheiro ("Companion")Spanish: Perro Corazón Leal ("Loyal Heart Dog")Spanish (Argentina): Corazón Leal ("Loyal Heart")Swedish (Cartoon): Lojala Hjärtat ("Loyal Heart")Swedish (Comic): Trofast ("Loyal"). Is Your Pup Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Anyone who saw the moving Hatchi will attest to how loyal this breed can be. With Percy Marmont, Harry Welchman, Patricia Marmont, Philip Kay. Saved by Samantha Parnell. We've all heard of the real-life story of Hachiko - the dog who waited for his owner for over nine years, unaware that he had died. Just like the Care Bear version of him, he has red heart with a brown bandage on top on his belly. https://carebears.fandom.com/wiki/Loyal_Heart_Dog?oldid=23680, Loyal Heart is mentioned in the song "When You Care You're Not Afraid to Try" from, Despite the stereotype of dogs and cats not getting along, Loyal Heart and. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Forest of Feelings Loyal was overjoyed to see Matthew but Jack Cat activated the mind-control machine and the toys became mindless zombies. Kim | Loyal is only seen at the beginning of the film and isn't seen again. Too Loud Bear | As family dogs, they’ll stay close and keep you and your loved ones safe the best that they can. Loyal wasn't seen again until Matthew returned home watching the game with Adam and the others.


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