mgs3 pick up claymores

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For Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Picking up and Dragging bodies". On ps3, it will not let me switch to the second disk, Why? Invisible ones, I assume. Effective range is around 55 yards (50m), though the bearings can travel up to 270 yards (250m) The real-life mine has no integral detonation system, and is usually command-detonated, fused with an M6 electrical blasting cap linked to the handheld M57 "clacker" detonator with a 100-foot (30m) M4 firing wire. There are checkpoints?

Maybe if you had saved after the Raven cutscene, you wouldn't have to worry about those claymores. We cross a swamp(and thankfully don't get eaten by any of the crocs because it seems to be instant death), get a … Your first discovery of the Metal Gear games. Picking up Claymores? United States The M18A1 Claymore's casing contains a convex 1.5 pound block of C4 explosive: in front of this is a resin matrix which holds 700 1/8-inch (3.2mm) steel ball bearings. Nintenking sits down and starts singing about Karma.

Same for all the games except V. I find it kinda funny because IRL claymores are detonated with a remote. Nothing seems to work. look at them and press and hold square (lightly if you have a rapid-fire weapon). So I'm replaying Metal Gear Solid 3 after way too many years, and I've completely forgotten how to pick up Mines/Claymores on the ground. Mmm, now that you mentioned it, there is an exception to the rule. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

When the mine explodes, the ball bearings are ejected in a 60-degree arc at around 4,000 feet per second (1,200 meters per second, around Mach 3.5).

Oh wait didn't Snake's Revenge also have you set claymores down and blow them up to use the shrapnel as a weapon? Designer Some of the Claymores were also modified to include a proximity sensor that would detonate when an enemy approached it at a certain distance. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. When you save, your progress is saved only up to the latest checkpoint. I am a dedicated member of the "Walter Sullivan Is Bad-Ass" group!!! At least 5 were planned.[1]. The mine's plastic casing is obliterated by the force of the explosion, with fragments capable of causin… ", Dummied data within Snake Eater 3D indicated that there was originally going to be Extra Ops missions that involved Claymore Disarmament.

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They are deformed by the force of the explosion to the point they resemble .22 calber bullets. Only Rising Storm 2 (and maybe Jagged Alliance 2) models them realistically.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - Weapons FAQ ... ===== V. Claymore ===== You can pick up Claymore Mines set either by you or the enemy by crawling over … Width Top-mounted iron sight for judging area of effect. Kinda funny that game got it right. Because they can be difficult to detect, sensors have to be used in order to avoid them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the metalgearsolid community, Press J to jump to the feed. Ironically, a call to Sigint will have him allude to the MON-50's future development by mentioning that, due to the Claymore's ease of replication, the Russians would have "Claymorasky mines. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Triggering a cutscene has nothing to do with anything, if you don't enter a new area after watching one, your checkpoint is still at the beginning of that area (unless you beat a boss, which also creates a checkpoint). 3.5 lb (1,6kg)

The M18A1 Claymore is a directional anti-personnel mine developed in the United States after the Korean War. MGS3: Snake Eater Wiki Guide. ... because the wasps will pick them up and carry them back to Snake. Norman Macleod and others 38 mm Although it was called a Claymore in Metal Gear Solid 3, the actual design indicated that it was the MON-50 anti-personnel mine.

Type Claymore mines were utilized in Tselinoyarsk in the early 1960s, and were encountered by Naked Snake during Operation Snake Eater.

Length This is done so you aren't forced to fight the boss immediately every time you load your save, and can instead back track and stock up on items if you want.


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