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Doe's Creek Pistol Pete. Miniature Herefords, weighing roughly half what the standard-size Herefords weigh, eat roughly half as well! Females are called cows. We have always had a love for animals. Male cows are called bulls. Has perfect tiny babies. Our ancestry records and recordings from old family bibles give credit to George Poindexter’s (Poindestre’s) family having been the first to ship Miniature Jersey Cows in 1657 to the Virginia Colony in the area known as “Guinea”. Leads and ties. Consider the recomended serving size for meat, and a Mini Hereford steak is right on the money – with a little extra just ‘cuz.

Announcing Our Newest Babies!! They are cud-chewing animals. Miniature Jersey Cows are a sound economic investment. We started out 15 years ago with Angus cattle, but always admired the Scottish Highlands.

Only 100 Foundation Miniature Jersey Cows in the world! Has perfect tiny babies. Pasture is expensive! Over the many years of selective breeding, Tanglewood bloodlines have produced Miniature Jersey Cows that average in height 34 to 36 inches and 350 to 450 pounds. Mini cattle do much less harm to the environment than their larger counterparts. Miniature Herefords have a dedicated following in their breeders and admirers. At birth, a baby Miniature Jersey calf weighs approximately 15 to 25 pounds and is from 14 to 16 inches tall. Animal Actors Traveling Barnyard Traveling Ponies Live Nativity. Not only are miniature cows very practical for milk and beef supply, their small size, hardy constitution, gentle nature and rarity make them ideal for any exotic investor, backyard hobbyist or farmer. Especially the spots around the water trough. They can be kept on as little as 1/4 acre of land. About 1/3 the feed is typical.

Smaller size means smaller amounts of meat off of one animal. Where would you squeeze in your baked potato? The reasons range from purely scientific to a simple “I just LIKE ’em!”  For the record, we’ll provide a few reasons why you, too, should become involved with Mini Herefords: Taken from the website of the... Miniature Hereford Breeders Association.

halter broke. 2018 Daughter measures only 30″.
Miniature Jersey Cows are naturally polled animals which means they are born without horns. Tiny Baby Bull Calf. Leads and ties.

Also, because the animal’s muscles need not be toned enough to carry 2,000 lbs around all day, they tend to be far more tender.

If you need transportation, we can arrange ground transport within the US and Canada. Pure Foundation Bloodlines.

TINY 2018 two year old cow measures 30 inches.

Used at church Live Nativities. The health of our animals is very important to us, and we follow rather strict practices. Compare this to the standard mature full size Standard Jersey Cow which weighs 1000 to 2000 pounds and is 50 to 60 inches tall. They need time to grow and play with other weanlings, receive discipline from their mothers, and time to change their diet gradually to eliminate the desire for mother’s milk. Mini Cows. Home.

Zenith is a true miniature mature height is 42 at 3yrs old.

Has perfect tiny babies. Leads and ties.

Hand raised and very gentle. Compare that to standard-size cattle today! Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of our Miniatures or Rare Breeds.

Smaller size means more appropriate steak size. Wonderful, very friendly 2011 mama cow. White Star Farm Zenith. Face it.

GRAND CHAMPION BULL at the 2017 Ohio State Fair! It was love at first sight when we saw these Mini Highlands with their long fluffy hair and we had to find some! Miniature Herefords are just right for an average family to raise, feeding exactly what they wish to feed, slaughter, and eat in the recommended shelf life of the meat. Original Herd of Riverview Foundation Pure Lines. They produce up to four gallons of milk daily and yield higher quality marketable beef. Mini Cows are pregnant for 9 months, just like humans. Pasture is expensive!

They also leave Tanglewood Farm with a brand new halter and leadline. A standard-size cow knows full well she’s got you out muscled. Miniature Jersey Cows are naturally polled animals which means they are born without horns. They are cud-chewing animals. Consider the average Mini Hereford weighs in at 700 or 1,000 lbs, and you might say the meat is twice as tender! Wonderful, very friendly 2012 mama cow. Mini cattle do much less harm to the environment than their larger counterparts. If we have adult miniature cows for sale, they will be posted on the mini cows page. - Miniature cows are small and easier to handle than full sized cows. CONTACT US. We provide proper nutrition and quality veterinary care to all of our animals. The AMJAR was the FIRST original Miniature Jersey Cow Registry formed by Robert Mock.

Miniature cows are members of the bovine family.

Ohio Miniature Herfords, LOV Mini Herefords, Mini, Cattle. Altered males are called steers. GRAND CHAMPION BULL at the 2019 Ohio Beef Expo. Parents on premises.

Very sweet. Please follow us on ... BUTTERCUP- P, IMCBR6103, our first Miniature Jersey, was three years old and bred with her first calf, a heifer we named Munchkin, when she came to live with us. $7500 without papers. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale.

Miniature cows are very docile and easy to handle. Leads and ties.

This also enables Tanglewood Farm time to deworm the weanlings and give them their first vaccinations.

Smaller size means less mess.

Welcome to our “Little Feet Pastures”.

All cows are ruminants and have four-chamber stomachs. Male cows are called bulls.

They must be under 42 inches tall at the hip to be classified as “Miniature”. Tiny Baby Girl Calf. Face it. Feed today is expensive!

Calves are born ranging from 30 to 50 pounds. I like both cows of course! Our livestock is current on vaccinations, dental checkups, hoof care, and worming. TINY 2018 two year old Neutered Bull/Steer.

13.5 inches at birth. Price: $2500; View Herd Book Profile. Miniature cattle come closer to a families needs than large commercial cows. Hand raised and very gentle. From disturbing the ground far less for each foot-fall, to simply ranging more because they carry less weight – your pastures will love the Minis! Tanglewood bloodlines are currently the smallest in the database of the American Miniature Jersey Association and Registry (AMJAR). $10000 with papers. Hand raised and very gentle. He sire is one of WSFs favorite bulls Tommy Hawk, Zenith is Hetero polled and A1/A2 on Beta Casein. Smaller size means shorter muscle length.

We are very proud of the daily handling and care given to our miniatures here at Tanglewood Farm. With the limited gene pool of Foundation Bloodlines existing, many breeders are now crossing them with full size Standard Jerseys and other cattle breeds to develop a designer breed and registering them as “Native” Pure Miniature Jerseys instead of the original “Foundation Pure” Miniature Jerseys. It takes a cow nine months to have a baby calf. Like Us on Facebook Follow Us on Twitter Get our RSS Feed Join Us on Google+, For Sale: 1 Shorthorn, Shorthorn Cross Bulls, For Sale: 1 Angus, Angus Cross, Hereford, Red Angus, Red Angus Cross Bulls, For Sale: 1 Angus, Red Angus, Red Angus Cross Bulls, For Sale: 20 Angus Cross, Simmental Cross Open Heifers, For Sale: 13 Angus Cross, Simmental Cross Feeders, For Sale: 3 Dexter, Jersey Cow/Calf Pairs, For Sale: 8 Angus, Hereford, Limousin, Pinzgauer Feeders, For Sale: 1 Simmental, Simmental Cross, Simmental F1 Bulls, For Sale: 4 Angus, Belted Galloway, Hereford, Hereford Cross, Polled Hereford Open Heifers, For Sale: 2 Dexter, Scottish Highlander Cows. Why miniature cows? Menu . Two three year old Mini Jerseys, the left is a mid sized coming in a 43", the right is a full mini or micro. nORTH wOODS hOMESTEAD DNA Verified 100% Purebred Mini Jerseys See Available Dairy Cows Here LAST UPDATED 10/28/2020. So that we do not unintentionally introduce disease into our herds, we do not bring our animals to shows, and we do not borrow or lend animals for breeding.

Miss Harlo- left is an excellent light framed easy keeper allowing for plenty of room to milk. She's sweet and friendly, with the most adorable white tail switch! Miniature cows are members of the bovine family. We prefer weanlings do not leave Tanglewood Farm before they are 4 months of age.

Available Trained Registered Mini & Midsize Jersey Family Milk Cows for Sale, A2/A2 and Polled Menu. Cows give up to 4 gallons of milk with 4% butterfat. Smaller size means less mess.

Proven bull. Smaller size means they’re much more docile. Pasture bred to 34″ Miniature Jersey Bull. Hand raised and very gentle. Smaller size means less feed needed. Females are called cows.

After the breed was brought to America, they were selectively crossbred to larger size cows forming the Jersey Cow of today. Feed today is expensive! Did you know? They are not easily found in the US … Our Tanglewood bloodlines are descendants of the original Miniature Jersey Cattle, once known as Alderney Cattle, imported from the Channel Island of Jersey and have been kept in their original pure form. Mini Hereford - Freezer Beef - Fed Non GMO Corn. Smaller size means less feed needed. 13.5 inches at birth. DNA Verified 100% Purebred Mini Jerseys, Trained Registered Miniature & Midsize Jersey Family Dairy Cows . Miniature Herefords, weighing roughly half what the standard-size Herefords weigh, eat roughly half as well! Miniature cows come in a variety of colors from many shades of brown, brindle, black and occasionally pinto or splashed with white. A lot of the steaks you see today would completely cover a normal dinnerplate! With the emphasis on health related diets to eat smaller servings of meat, the consumer can enjoy smaller cuts of beef with more marbling and less fat. Miniature cows can live up to 25 years with the possibility of producing 23 calves. Mini Cow Price/Contract. Baby Girl Heifer Calf. While this theory is to-date unproven scientifically, there are many advocates of Miniature Hereford beef who believe the meat is more tender because of the shorter muscle length. All cows are ruminants and have four-chamber stomachs. Smaller size means they’re better for kids. Smaller cattle are 25% more efficient in terms of feed conversion than their larger counterparts and therefore eat much less. - Mini cattle eat less, 1/2 to 1/3 less. Zenith is a friendly bull that loves to be scratched and brushed, he is a proven breeder. Wonderful, very friendly 2010 mama cow. Miniature Jersey Cows at three years of age and over should not exceed 700 pounds live weight. Children as young as 5 and 6 are capable of showing calves and steers! PICTURES. MINIATURE HIGHLAND FOR SALE. Tanglewood Farm raises Miniature Jersey Cows personally hand selected from the original Riverview, Martin and Snow Foundation Bloodlines in the early 1990’s when there were only 100 of these rare breed Miniature Jersey Cattle in the world. All miniatures come with Tanglewood Farm health papers showing up to date vaccinations, deworming schedule, and hoof trimming schedule. Miniature cattle can also be a great investment.

Hand raised.

Will sell by the quarter....  plus processing... GRAND CHAMPION BULL at the 2018 Ohio State Fair!

14.5 inches at birth.

Original Herd of Riverview Foundation Lines. Tiny Baby Girl Calf. Sale Barn: Cows For Sale. The right Miss Sunbeam is a heavier bodied little lady with less milking room and a … “Miniature” Jersey Cattle are the original Jersey. Altered males are called steers. Very friendly. To other countries, we can arrange air transportation on major airlines. It takes a cow nine months to have a baby calf.

Leads and ties.


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