mudrunner multiplayer greyed out

Multiplayer lobby UI broken: Respectfully this user experience is terrible. However, the Multiplayer option is greyed out and there is small red text in the bottom right saying that the option can not be used until the game has fully installed. i've had the game since monday meaning it has had allmost 1 full week to finish installing if thats the case meaning it should be done and yes sorry i forgot to say it's for the PS4.

Tried reinstalling and stuff a few times and it doesnt seem to want to "Fully" install"... i spent a long time on this issue, the only sure fix is to go to settings -> psn -> activate as primary ps4 then decativate. I'll give it a week then I'll be forced to refund. I have an Xbox One and I bought the Dragone Age Inq from the store and it took several hours to download. I am at a loss.

Timeout and connection failed. Press J to jump to the feed.

Installation should take ~45min but I have heard it taking 2 hours depending on what you are doing with the console while it is installing. To find this go to the game on the home screen of ps4, hit options button and go to information. Inconveniently, making custom maps and mods function well can sometimes be a challenge and requires some basic Spintires knowledge. I had the same problem a couple weeks ago, we've wasted 30-45 mins before we couold establish a connection.

The weird thing is, my friends, who live in the same city, have no troubles connecting to each other. Message 4 of 9 (3,392 Views) Reply. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. log in sign up.

log back in and repeat but this time activate your ps4 as primary. Crashes and unable to join MP game. Close . The game devs are a joke. I don't want to delete the install and start over but that may be my only option.

T. 0; T. Trinax Reply Quote. One of us couln't join the game, I believe we tried every possible way to connect, through the game and through steam.

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0 Highlighted. What would you like to see in Mudrunner 2. It has been over 1 day and still I can not play multiplayer. Yeah, I can play the single player missions so far. 16. They charge us $30 and multiplayer part doesn't even work. This is embarassing. 15 comments. Posts | Views | Jellyfoosh. I've deleted all game content and reinstalled from disk and dates same issue. Thats the error i keep geting word for word above. Thank you for your reply, at least I know I'm not the only one. They charge us $30 and multiplayer part doesn't even work. So the game needs to fully be installed before you can play.
Today we wanted to start a new game on another map, but this time we had the same issues as we had the first time. I am at a loss. Style 3 Kas 2017 @ 15:38 ... (facebook, reddit, twitter, forums) and the support button on the spintires mudrunne website is greyed out. r/Mudrunner: Mudrunner, a Saber Interactive off-road trucking game published by Focus Interactive. Not: Bu SADECE spam, reklam ve sorunlu (taciz, kavga ya da terbiyesizlik içeren) gönderileri raporlamak için kullanılmalıdır. The game devs are a joke. See: total size.

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Technically speaking on Xbox One and PS4, the game is not fully installed when you think it is.


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