otterbox symmetry vs commuter

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I’ve never liked 2 piece designs. It's a pretty deep reach for the fingerprint reader.

The holster is made of solid plastic and includes a clip so you can attach the phone to your belt. The Otterbox Defender is the toughest case out of the four. I have the commuter for my 7 plus and I love it. The biggest difference from the old and new Otterbox Symmetry is the buttons. Best one for normal daily use? So after being a fanatic with the iPhone for so many years I decided to jump ship and join android and purchased the NOTE 9 512G. Your email address will not be published. Sure thing.

Memory Card Slot, Headphone Jack (3.5mm), NFC, Wireless Charging, Fingerprint Reader, Water-Resistant, VR-ready. The inside edges of the rubber membrane have a combination of ridges and cushions to protect the side edges. But they do have very unique capabilities that can help you up your video conferencing game as you work from home, as we demonstrate in this video using the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. The Symmetry features the simplest design of the three cases and is the easiest to use. The side edges have a diagonally-ridged texture that really helps you hold onto the phone, even when the case is wet. What is the Difference between Otterbox Cases? Otterbox Symmetry Vs Commuter Case Comparison. Otterbox Universe Case System Overview. We find out what becomes the deciding factor between the Defender and the Symmetry. The buttons on the Otterbox Symmetry went from being hard to use to one of the best that weʼve ever used. Dust/debris will start collecting between the screen protector and the iPhone’s screen which isn’t good. The case does add bulk, but not overmuch. The shell covers about half of the side, top, and bottom edges, including three of the four corners. We know how important a case is to your smartphone and how important your smartphone is to you. fine-tuning with the buttons as they do rattle a tiny amount. The belt clip is such a relic of a bygone era and for a while, it seemed like everybody had a belt-clip case. Sort: Clear All. The smaller case is still quite rigid as the PC back isnʼt going to flex much during a face first drop. Both release the same time for the latest phone series.

Also anyone take the screen off their defender and throw on a tempered glass protector? Don't subscribe Best one for normal daily use? The Note series has always featured Samsung's newest technology, a big screen, and a stylus. He likes playing guitar, attending concerts, listening to music, and driving sports cars. Well, we can definitely help you decide which case to get. The Otterbox Defender will protect your iPhone 7 as the iPhone 6 version protected our iPhone from a 40 ft. drop.

Samsung has a new, more affordable Galaxy S20 phone that starts at $699 while keeping the S20 specs and features that Samsung says surveyed users cared about most. When it comes to drop protection, the slimmer case design isnʼt going to offer as much drop protection as the thicker old case. SEE ALSO: Is the Otterbox Traction any good? I just got an otter box commuter series and literally four hours later saw an add for, and began to look at, the Mous Limitless 2.0 case.

We’d still recommend taking the Otterbox Commuter off every once in a while to clean the iPhone as dust/debris may collect between the iPhone and case. The exterior finish gives the phone plenty of grip. The buttons on the Otterbox Symmetry went from being hard to use to one of the best that weʼve ever used.

Required fields are marked *. I used to swear by the otterbox defender which now I regret doing so. It sits just a hair loose on the phone. The Symmetry keeps the dimensions in check. I have a symmetry and I love it. While style is clearly the best way to differentiate from others, is the protection level close enough to the Commuter? It was a tight fit in some pairs of jeans, and didn't fit at all in some other pockets. The Otterbox Defender costs $60. The Otterbox Pursuit will offer your iPhone better protection than the average tough case and feels slimmer than the average tough case. So you might think they're ill-suited for 2020. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.


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