phalanger maculatus reasons for survival
Same as for all marsupials, Cuscus babies are born poorly developed and spend much time in their mothers’ pouch. The Cuscus doesn’t have many natural predators – its coat provides a great camouflage in the trees, but if compromised, the Cuscus can’t really perform any kind of defense. [4] While females have four teats in their pouches and can have up to three young per birth, they rarely suckle more than two. [8] The conservation status of the common spotted cuscus is least concern because of its wide population distribution, ability to flourish in a variety of environments, and lack of dominating predators. The human is the biggest predator of the cuscus as natives hunt the cuscus for both the meat of the cuscus and the thick fur of the cuscus.

The thermal balance of the spotted cuscus (Phalanger maculatus) and the role of the fur in this balance were determined at various environmental temperatures.

Phalanger Maculatus. More and more of the secluded forests where the cuscus dwells are being cut down, with the trees being sold to logging companies. The main predators of the cuscus (besides humans) are large snakes and birds of prey which tend to pick on the more vulnerable, young cuscus. [6], The curled, prehensile tail is a distinctive characteristic of the common spotted cuscus. [citation needed], It is known as aklang or gabi in the Kalam language of Papua New Guinea.

[4], The common spotted cuscus is typically very shy, so it is rarely seen, especially in northern Australia. It also has been found resting in tree hollows, under tree roots, or among rocks. Some completely white individuals are known in both males and females.

The cuscus has a long and very strong prehensile tail which is naked (has no fur) at the end. Mar 18, 2014 - Spotted Cuscus (Phalanger Maculatus) in Tree, Irian Jaya, New Guinea, Indonesia Photographic Print by Konrad Wothe - at Predators of the common spotted cuscus include pythons, hawks and owls. All four of its limbs have five digits and strong, curved claws, except the first digit on each foot. To answer the question, let’s first define “most venomous.” After all, some folks may calculate venomosity using a potency-versus-size calculation; others may focus on victim statistics across the animal kingdom. [7] Each young weighs no more than 1 gram at birth, and is held in the mother's well-developed forward-opening pouch. Choose from over 500,000 Posters & Art Prints. Hierarchy. [4] Females are usually white or grey and unspotted. [2] However, continued human expansion, an increase in demand for cuscus meat and pelts, and destruction of its natural habitat could lead to a demise in the spotted cuscus predominance.

These tiny mammals lead a solitary lifestyle and only meet other individuals during the mating period and they are generally aggressive towards other members of their kin. It is speculated that they can mate at any time of the year and the pair go back to leading their solitary lives after copulation.

The cuscus rests in the trees during the day, sleeping in the dense foliage and awakens at night to start moving through the trees in search of food.

[3], The common spotted cuscus is about the size of a common house cat, weighing 1.5 to 6 kilograms (3.3 to 13.2 lb), body size about 35 to 65 centimetres (14 to 26 in) long, and a tail 32 to 60 centimetres (13 to 24 in) long. Unlike its close relatives, the common spotted cuscus has been observed feeding during the day on rare occasions. Unlike some other species of cuscuses or possums, the common spotted cuscus does not have a dorsal stripe on its fur.


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