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Numan Bartley wrote that by 1915 she "was championing a lengthy feminist program that ranged from prohibition to equal pay for equal work. I didn't have a boyfriend," said Rebecca. Now detectives can't understand why there was no trace of that blood on Rebecca. "It was the money. "It was enough for a lot of the people in the community to think that I was a monster," said Rebecca. "Everyone really talked about what a fairy tale marriage they had," said Sgt. These and other details were revealed in an indictment released to the Tampa Bay Times after Fenton, 46, was arrested March 21 in connection to the 2008 slaying of her husband, Larry Fenton. And they believe she's trying too hard to convince the dispatcher she'd never kill her husband. I thought that Larry was OK, 'cause his eyes were open, and I ran upstairs.". "It was a crush.". But police dispute that. Rebecca is also surprisingly unapologetic. "It's well-chronicled that Alfred Nolan -- not a good guy, kind of a bad guy, criminal history, in and out of jails, in and out of prisons. But on the inside, Rebecca admits that fairy tale was fractured. "You need to be able to put the suspect at the scene of the crime, and one of the things which was apparent was that she was never placed at the scene of the crime," said Tizzard. I knew it was a fairy tale life," said Rebecca. She is currently behind bars at the Lowell Correctional Institution in Florida, which is where she met Piers for their Killer Women interview. And there was absolutely no blood on her whatsoever," said Det. I think there was a warped sense of control in all of it," Rebecca tells Crime Watch Daily. She also claimed the house had been ransacked. A box of bullets discovered in the couple's bedroom had five missing. Rumours that Rebecca had begun seeing another man called David, after meeting him in AA, also muddied the waters, with detectives suspecting there could be a “romantic and emotional involvement” between the two. Hasty. "After having just committed an armed residential burglary, murder, grand theft, grand theft auto and walk away with actually no proceeds whatsoever," said Det. However, she was found guilty by the jury and sentenced to life in prison with no parole. I have no explanation for that," said Rebecca. Rebecca says he was also a perfect gentleman who treated her like royalty from the day they met. When Fenton returned home, she found Larry dead in the foyer of the couple's home. And for Rebecca, who currently has no chance for parole, Andrew Tizzard is her last and only hope of ever getting out of prison. "And they had to let me go," said Rebecca. She can't remember what she said in her 911 call as she was so worried about Larry. [11] Georgia was later the first state to reject the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution when it was proposed in 1919, and unlike most other states in the Union, Georgia did not allow women to vote in the 1920 presidential election. [28] Felton benefited as a well-known and respected representative of the suffrage movement when politicians desired to enhance their standings with the newly acquired women voters by means of a symbolic gesture. She believed that it was necessary for men to be held accountable, and during her 1887 address at the Women's Christian Temperance Union state convention, she argued that women were actively fulfilling their duties as wives and mothers, but men undervalued their importance. And she's reporting a domestic disturbance," said Det. She gave birth to five children, one daughter and four sons. Under the front passenger seat, they discovered a white plastic bag that contained the keys to Larry's Jeep, a gun case and several pieces of jewelry. The mysterious murder of Larry Fenton shattered the seaside serenity of picturesque Clearwater, Florida and brought a tragic end to an ill-fated marriage worthy of a TV movie. Police declined to say this week if Fenton is suspected of setting the fires. "They are all hearsay, so as such I am really surprised, their admissibility as evidence, and it was taken so strongly.". A man suffered critical injuries after he was allegedly stabbed multiple times at a home in Allenstown. And cops are astonished when the results of the gun residue test come in: They came up negative. We're not socializers really," Rebecca tells detectives in the recorded interrogation. On the outside, everyone thought Rebecca and Larry Fenton were living a fairy tale marriage. "Rebecca calls 911. Blissful. "Because the evidence, the lack of evidence, the lack of physical evidence," said Rebecca. To what end? [4] She graduated at the top of her class at age 17 in 1852. ", "I think there is no independent corroboration of these statements," said Tizzard. "That didn't really weigh as far as her guilt or innocence in this case. According to the local Tampa Tribune , Rebecca told investigators that she heard a bang that sounded like someone falling off the roof while she was working out.


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