red dwarf season 1 episode 7

In the aftermath of the battle with their future selves, the crew, resurrected from the dead, due to time paradoxes and Lister is depressed when he learns the curry supplies were destroyed in the battle. The crew wake up after celebrating the anniversary of Rimmer's death, only to find four whole days have passed that they have no memories of.

Lister vows to help them as they're being hunted by Rodon, the ruthless feral cat leader who … Rimmer creates his perfect companion, an identical holographic duplicate of himself. [47] In the same style as the eponymous "lost episode" "Bodysnatcher", the extract of "Dad" was animated in a storyboard style as the script itself was read by lead actor Chris Barrie (who, being a skilled impressionist, supplied the voices of all the characters).[48]. Realising that they were limited with stories based on the huge, but … [23], The character of Kryten was originally intended as a one-off appearance in the series-two episode "Kryten", but had returned mainly to broaden the story potential. They travel to a GELF village, where a female cat called Aura is being held prisoner for auction. He ends up losing an arm to the virus before Kochanski comes up with another solution. [52] The flyer outlined the movie's plot, set in the distant future where Homo Sapienoids—a fearsome flesh-machine hybrid race—had taken over the solar system and were wiping out the human race. [9] Series IX (Red Dwarf: Back to Earth) involves Lister, Rimmer (back as a hologram), Cat, and Kryten hallucinating that they've arrived on Earth in another dimension in the early 21st century, and Series X to XII sees the same four crew members continue their adventures back on Red Dwarf, Kochanski having departed due to Lister's descent into depression and Holly offline due to water damage. [28] New director Juliet May found it hard to work with the science fiction elements of the series, which were much more involved and complexed than in previous series[29] and left before the series had completed. This was done in the form of scrolling text across outer space, in a parody of the introductions to the Star Wars movies. Red Dwarf first aired on 15 February 1988[2] and ended its original run on BBC2, by then rebranded BBC Two, on 5 April 1999 after eight series,[3] with some PBS stations in the United States airing the entire eighth series earlier on 7 March. "Dad" was to primarily deal with Lister's pregnancy, why former guest character Kryten had reappeared and become a regular member of the cast and what had happened to him, and why Holly's image had changed from a male to a female. Red Dwarf returned for its first full series since 1999 in October 2012 for six new episodes written by Doug Naylor filmed before a live audience. The former idea was, in a way, used in the episode "Bodyswap" in Series III, and the latter became the basis for "Me2" (with the plotline transferred from Lister to Rimmer), which filled the sixth spot in the first series after "Bodysnatcher" was dropped.[46].

In Lister's laundry basket, he finds out who stole Red Dwarf, and the ship is returned in all its glory. A derelict-looking ship is boarded, only to find an insane medical droid onboard. Series I and II were produced by Paul Jackson Productions (with Grant Naylor Productions taking over from Series III) for BBC North, and broadcast on BBC2.

[4] From 2009, Grant Naylor Productions produced new episodes for UKTV, which were broadcast on the TV channel Dave. The BBC had decided to start off with the romantic story of "Camille" for Valentine's Day. Red Dwarf XI began broadcast in September 2016. Llewellyn was also in a stage show called Mammon: Robot Born of Woman, playing a robot.


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