remington 597 stainless

I opted for the Remington because the reviews I had read from those who possessed both stated that the Remington had better accuracy without modification. We did find that if we replaced the standard trigger spring with a JP Enterprises reduced power AR-15 trigger spring (which I had lying around) it made it more dependable with a slightly better trigger pull. He uses all of my mags and as expected, it’s a beast! The 22 autoloading rifle is an American icon. 3. The main reason those jumped out at me is because those groups look a bit large for 25 and 50 yds.. You said you’ve shot better groups so it made me wonder if those may be partially to blame.

Then the plastic feed lips failed (causing all loaded ammo to spray everywhere), and the top of the magazines split apart. And the gun has failed to empty 1 10 round magazine with out a malfunction. I had to tweak the hold-open spring as it had been bent out of shape a little in the explosion. The shells fire perfectly, with amazing accuracy, and are thrown violently out of the gun perfectly every time. When shooting the rifle, the bolt catch on the right is large enough to find easily but not so large as to get in the way of shooting, and very easily pulls back to chamber a round. … I asked him to check out the gun, baby it a little if necessary, and do the upgrades. Another of the many versions in multiple colors (including pink) is a thumbhole-stock version called the 597 TVP with heavy stainless barrel and scope rail for $532.

This is not a condemnation of the Remington by any means. All in all, it’s not a challenge to clean or take apart as long as you have a set of Allen wrenches handy. Can’t believe it’s still in production. The factory spec is 10-12 inch-pounds of torque! I inspected and cleaned the magazine as well. Required fields are marked *. The sights required lots of movement to the left and some added elevation to get the shots centered. The profile looks awesome with a rimfire suppressor and this rifle is super quiet suppressed! Remington Rifle Magazine Model 597 (22 LR) If You Pay With Credit Card The Credit Card Company Will Charge You 4% For Using It Just To Let Everyone Know Thanks. The light-gray stock looked like costly Kevlar, but was not. I began the search for my first firearm a few years ago, and felt I should begin with a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 22lr. Here is what they found. I decided upon the open sighted model because I wanted iron sights on the rifle in addition to the scope I would mount. I ordered a replacement from Remington, and was able to put it in this last week. I hate reviews of rifles chambered in an exotic, expensive, and unobtainable caliber like .22lr. Leaving magazines loaded does not create problems with the magazine. I would have paid the extra $0.25. I also think the Ruger mag design is a little better.

With industry-leading accuracy, the Jarvis Barrel for the Remington 597 isn’t just an upgrade; it’s the best you can buy. On the range, after they got the sights where they wanted them, they found the Remington easily made sub-two-inch groups at 50 yards with the CCI Mini Mags. It’s a classy, very reliable .22 with a terrible trigger. Privacy Policy The better groups that I have shot were with a bipod I this rail actually.

After letting life settle down a bit, and examining the bolt I found that the ejector had been blown out of the bolt.

A press toward the left displays a red ring if you turn the gun upside down, and that lets you fire. With industry-leading accuracy, the Jarvis Barrel for the Remington 597 isn’t just an upgrade; it’s the best you can buy. It only fails after several hundred rounds of bulk ammo have fouled up the receiver. The scope that comes with these is like looking through smoke from a campfire. They thought it was a decent trigger, though a bit on the heavy side. It did have one use, though. Thank you. Customization: * * * The 597 just feels cheap and the trigger pretty much sucks. And for the magazine, I’ve loaded and emptied it many times, but only tone will tell. I’ve fired thousand of rounds thru it with just a few failure to fire rounds, and they had dents in the primer (bad ammo). Three things to get it working reliably:

But otherwise, I have been very pleased with my 597.

I am hesitant to buy any .22lr firearm until .22lr, .22long and .22short are back on the shelves in steady supply…. Only the Remington 597 had FTE problems and I sold it within a week. I have a 597. Even with an upgraded Volquartsen trigger and ejector, the gun was horrible. I do wish Demetri had shared what he used to mount the sling, as I have been considering doing that myself.

Big Green may have slid into near-irrelevance but they did right by me. Three of those are chambered in .22LR, but let’s focus on the 10/22 for now. Adjustable triggers available from Jard. very unhappy .still have other reminton guns .

Rifle Barrels With the synthetic stock the butt plate removes by finger pressure to reveal a void that can be used as a storage compartment for items like lens wipes, cleaning wipes, a bore snake, etc. I cannot stress how amazing my 597 is now. It all starts with our 416 Stainless Steel. Many more may be seen at the company website ( I was dialing in the scope in preparation for the upcoming squirrel season and took along a 100 round case of very old Montgomery Wards 22LR. Visual inspection under magnifying glasses has not shown any hairline cracks or deformation to the rest of the parts. Sold it at a loss. For those of you who enjoy cleaning your firearms (and who doesn’t? My newest rifle is 40 plus years old.. So customization I would have put at 4 stars. It looked like sandpaper. Reliability

I purchased my 597 in 2016 and have not had any serious problems with it. I bought 3 nice heaver that factory magazines and the gun still jams on the feeding the next round. The 30 round Remington-branded mags wouldn’t function even with YouTube hacks. I own 10 different brands, including a 10/22. Almost The stock had a slightly pebbly surface, rough enough to keep the gun from slipping when wet. And no, that was not using the bolt hold open catch, just friction. The only reason I bought this rifle was the stock pistol grip being more wrist friendly than others I was looking at, especially the Ruger’s. I just got a replacement and will take it to the range soon for a test, but even this one, as usual, will not accept a full load of 30 rounds. Very, very reliable rifle. I undo one screw to lift off the stock and pop out two simple pins to get the same level of breakdown on my 10/22.

Laminated wood designs that can use sling swivels and be truly free floated.

This website contains many older reviews. Sadly, 597 was discontinued in 2019.

Many a youngster had one for his first rifle, and while they may not be ideal for that service, they are unquestionably handy rifles for any serious outdoorsman. Would not feed or extract reliably while using them. I bought it used for $98 and it was indeed more accurate than my 10/22, plus it sported a recessed muzzle crown and a very crisp, if heavy trigger. Having owned both I much prefer the 10/22 reliability and handling. I buy armscor, which is a phenomenal grade ammo for price and just as good as CCI to me. The hammer wasn’t all that smooth either, but it didn’t require much attention to get it working. It broke so frequently after about 1000 rounds that he ended up leaving it at my house permanently. Compressive force not past the point of permanent deformation (standard loaded magazine) are just not noticeably damaging to the spring. The rifle breaks down into the receiver and the barrel, and the plastic stock by removing the two screws holding them together, one to the rear of the trigger, and the other forward of the magazine well. Several boxes of cheap AE.

Ergonomics: * * * * * The free-floated barrel was matte stainless, and plugged into an alloy receiver having a similar finish. Truly static loads are rare.


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