ringcentral yealink password
0000222630 00000 n To change your cookie settings or find Please refer to the manufacturer's documentation for instructions on how to identify the versions numbers.If your cordless phone handsets or base do not meet this requirement you may not be able to provision or use the devices.Please note that only 4 paired handsets per base station are supported. 0000216383 00000 n OPUS codec support guarantees high-quality (HD) voice and superior sound quality. You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. 0000075184 00000 n Once provisioned, updates and new features will appear automatically. It was painful... http://forum.yealink.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1420. 0000376988 00000 n 0000001156 00000 n 0000594695 00000 n 0000007771 00000 n 0000086119 00000 n 6. In the top menu, select the Account tab. If you purchased your device from a third-party vendor, follow the steps above. 0000622909 00000 n To contact RingCentral, please visit www.ringcentral.com or call 1-800-574-5290. 0000321146 00000 n 0000002919 00000 n 0000004060 00000 n 0000170300 00000 n 0000279339 00000 n 0000001777 00000 n 761 0 obj <> endobj 0000281003 00000 n 0000006128 00000 n 0000333009 00000 n 1. IMPORTANT:•   If you purchased your device from a different provider, make sure that the phone is unlocked before you proceed.•   You may encounter an error that the phone is not registering with RingCentral. 0000098074 00000 n <]>> Enter the following information: Username: admin Password: admin. 0000059098 00000 n 0000007481 00000 n 0000309334 00000 n 0000007915 00000 n Save and Apply Config Ensure that the 'User Name' and 'Password' fields are blank.Now click [Confirm] to save the configuration.Click [Autoprovision Now] to to get your RingCentral settings provisioned to your phone.The phone will reboot. 0000058019 00000 n 0000008206 00000 n We had a tech guy do it. 0000001600 00000 n 0000280529 00000 n You will be prompted for a login/password credentials - this are the administrator credentials to your phone and you must know it to continue. 0000210340 00000 n 0000364796 00000 n 0000041916 00000 n 0000213510 00000 n 0000373931 00000 n 0000344310 00000 n To purchase a RingCentral pre-configured device, go to Setting up a RingCentral SIP Phone. Login to the web interface of the desktop phone.3. H�\��n�0��z Easier said than done. However, there may be circumstances when the update does not push on your end. On the handset press [OK] > Status > System status. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000221535 00000 n 0000099670 00000 n 0000005618 00000 n 0 0000097659 00000 n Too bad I cannot access the web interface with default password :-). 0000100465 00000 n 0000275542 00000 n The status of the phone should show online once it is successfully provisioned to your account. 0000016208 00000 n NOTE: If the Username and Password did not work, please call RingCentral Support to get this information. If you do not know your login/password you may need to contact the vendor of the phone. If you wish you can change the password immediately after logging in using the Security menu on the top-right. 0000009059 00000 n 2. 0000102221 00000 n 0000529187 00000 n h�b```c``="�N21 �+;GK�C���Y�k�?`� ��Y9x�.8����ly}E3l�bFGN6���kbB��-2v6qp����S��wo�΂���Z���La�� �� �d����w� �=@Q֩R@Z����$�0�ex����C$C?�4�5���331b�c����)��X9�~͹Zo4\�3�),b�g�e�b�fxΨ�y����(�`�ca�d�f�QX��� &V̸�A��[����I�����2�(?a�`�f�� t�r�3�9d����S.���Y�se��]5o����ԩȍg�Y��"k�0eP �N� ��m� endstream endobj 212 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[60 111]/Length 27/Size 171/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream contact centre, Get a simple, yet powerful phone system and so much more, The #1 global cloud communications solution for teams and customers, Customised and integrated for mobile operators, cable/MSOs, and managed service providers, Videos, webinars, and white papers to get you up and running, See why so many global enterprises trust us, All the latest news, events, and industry highlights in one place, Join us and reimagine the world You can set up a Yealink T21P phone via RingCentral's Assisted Provisioning. 0000221012 00000 n 0000440770 00000 n I did NOT change it. 0000008253 00000 n Generally, the phone will prompt you to enter voice mail password. Join us free October 20-22 for 3 days of expert-led sessions, product announcements, and technical deep dives Register Free. 0000264676 00000 n Now click [Confirm] to save the configuration. 0000004228 00000 n 0000005734 00000 n Updates are automatic and there is no need to make any changes on your phones. 0000527712 00000 n 0000008495 00000 n I note that I can no longer access the base using the default password. 0000361188 00000 n 0000450409 00000 n 0000003169 00000 n 0000485071 00000 n B6 � �tC�`5 Please contact your previous provider's support to have the phone unlocked. 0000294734 00000 n 2. 0000010432 00000 n 0000540129 00000 n 5. Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral online account.2. 0000126873 00000 n 3. �aTq���{b����%]�+���M�T�-.S��:)������T�H��F뉮h��F$҈)��(�}KimM2����׶Y�-�pB�E.-B���jt�>�X�nd� Z�&���l!P��0kJ�d����0�fq�!��n)�R�Ҝ����JON��(���:�k�;��!�[��)Q4 © 2020 RingCentral, Inc. All rights reserved. 0000008301 00000 n NOTE: A Media Access Control (MAC) Address is a code that uniquely identifies a hardware device in a network. 0000284918 00000 n 0000008398 00000 n 0000502632 00000 n Since your system is in the cloud, updates and new features appear automatically. 0000270422 00000 n Download the Yealink W56P / W56H Quick Start Guide (PDF file) for steps on pairing the W56P base with the W56H handset (see Handset Registration). 3. 0000007287 00000 n NOTE: The Yealink WF40 is not sold by RingCentral; the USB dongle needs to be purchased separately from retailers. 0000264493 00000 n 0000009691 00000 n 0000213041 00000 n When you get a pre-configured phone from RingCentral, you just need to  plug the phone in to a high-speed internet connection to get started. 0000005364 00000 n 0000007335 00000 n 0000349729 00000 n 0000278365 00000 n This is a NEW install. An update is released to enhance the performance of your Yealink W52P with the RingCentral phone system. 0000008542 00000 n 0000341135 00000 n 0000326422 00000 n RingCentral - London, 4th Floor, 85 Uxbridge Rd, Ealing, London W5 5TH, United Kingdom. By default it is admin/admin. See Yealink W52P Handset Registration (Pairing) to get started. Live in your apps - seamlessly integrate your application with RingCentral. 0000267219 00000 n RingCentral Office 5 robust features, New, improved, and all you need to work from anywhere, Explore all our customer service solutions, Omnichannel collaborative 0000380009 00000 n Click Confirm. 0000533261 00000 n A Yealink T21P phone can be purchased from third-party vendors. 0000030735 00000 n 0000218901 00000 n If I try and upgrade the handset firmware via the handset menu, it says it is up to date. 0000210763 00000 n You can purchase a pre-configured, fully provisioned Yealink W52P from RingCentral. 0000448942 00000 n 0000535976 00000 n 0000431126 00000 n 0000007578 00000 n Base StationHardware version: or higherSoftware version: or higherIMPORTANT: You need to manually update the software/firmware version of the base station from to version Access Web InterfaceLogin via web interface of the desktop phone. Reset the existing configuration via the Phone GUI: 1. 0000007867 00000 n 0000383768 00000 n 0000008012 00000 n H�\��N�0E�� 0000390108 00000 n 0000411281 00000 n You will be redirected to the phone's details afterward. Click Done when finished. 0000439512 00000 n startxref If you do not know your login/password you may need to contact the vendor of the phone.2. 0000219791 00000 n 0000276494 00000 n Locate Provisioning server field and enter the provisioning link: https://yp.ringcentral.com/provisioning/yealink/T21P, https://yp.ringcentral.com/provisioning/yealink/W52P, https://yp.ringcentral.com/provisioning/yealink/T42S, https://yp.ringcentral.com/provisioning/yealink/T46S, https://yp.ringcentral.com/provisioning/yealink/T48S, https://yp.ringcentral.com/provisioning/yealink/W56P, https://yp.ringcentral.com/provisioning/yealink/W60P.


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