rock and roll bed

If you are still a little short on space though, we can offer many other space-saving solutions for your van conversion. We have components for Sprinter, Transit, ProMaster and Metris. There’s even extra storage space hidden underneath. This bed is trimmed in high-quality vinyl in a bespoke pattern and colour choice, with or without piping. RnR, Pro … It’s been designed to take up the minimum space possible in the rear of the van, and incorporates seat belt mounts in the recommended position for maximum safety. About: Just someone with a wood working and automotive hobby, providing helpful tips. Our rock n roll beds are incredibly easy to use. SHOP NOW. Rock and Roll Beds. United Kingdom, We design and build functional, luxurious dream machines for adventurous souls, ©2020 Base Campers ® – We love to make cool campervans! Smart beds come with a range of market leading features including: Ease of use Operating system, Reclining Mechanism, EVOLUX upholstery, fully powder coated frame, generous under bed storage space, and optional Seat Belts and Head Rests. If it’s just you or perhaps you and one other, you can have a bigger bed in the van, as you won’t need to worry about where to fit everyone in. The new Smart Bed Evolution not only has the same ease of use as the original, it also has a reclining system to increase passenger comfort. If you’re not so worried about having a bigger bed, you can take advantage of the smallness of your group to use that space for storage, appliances or living space instead. And the bed/seat unit sits on rubber buffers, so you can rest assured your van journeys won’t be interrupted by annoying rattling. Cheers, Balan, Hi, I'm going to try and make a pretty similar rock and roll bed like this for my t5 in the next few days have you got any more pictures for me to follow?Really appreciate it! The metal frame provides ample strength as well as lots of under bed storage. Our rock n roll beds are fully powder-coated, giving them a more durable finish than standard paint. Comfortable, safe rear seating (with seat belts) for your travels and a 6 ft long bed to rest in at night. Smart Bed Evolution Rail frame includes the rail system. PL28 8PN Seats come in so many different fabrics and colours so it’s even easier than ever to get the perfect seats to complement your van. The bed also features our new “Evolux” upholstery for improved seating and sleeping comfort. How to register as a motor caravan with the DVLA. A rock n roll bed gives you the flexibility to make the most of van life day or night. FOR EXTRA SEATING SPACE, THE FULL WIDTH PULL TESTED SMART BED EVOLUTION. We use high-quality vinyl in a pattern and colour of your choice, We can do fabric or a mix of the two and high quality leather. The Smart Bed has a unique “one touch closure” design feature, making the bed simple to restore to seated position. Do keep posting the further projects for your van. The frame offers ample underseat storage, which is accessible from both the rear of the seat and from under the base via a lift up panel.


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