sao fatal bullet enhance material r8

You need access to the SBC Glocken Dungeon and a level of around 67 to do this quest. Do this at level 24 after unlocking the second area. The Enhancement System refers to a system in Sword Art Online which allows players to strengthen a chosen weapon or armour with additional stats: sharpness, quickness, accuracy, heaviness and durability.1 1 Mechanics 2 Parameters 3 Maximum Enhancement 4 Materials and Success Rate 5 Naming 6 Trivia 7 References Before an item can be enhanced, the "Reinforcing" option on the pop-up … Loves to play all sorts of FPS, Sim Racers, and FIFA. This quest is given to you by Ikemen Beret at the front desk. [2] Once all of the materials are liquified in mere moments, the colour of the flame changes to represent the chosen property: silver for sharpness[2], blue for accuracy[3], green for quickness[4], red for heaviness[5] and another colour for durability. You need access to the SBC Flugel Dungeon and a level 48 is recommended. This is a Treasure which can be found in the east side of the dungeon in the second area. [8] A failure in enhancement may result in: When an item is enhanced, +X, where X is the number of successful enhancements that have been carried out on the item, would be appended to the item's name. Mär Sword Art Online - Fatal Bullet: Wie kann man Outfits Verschenken The reward is 44,000C and 8 Releasing Chips and a recipe for the outfit known as Naughty Culotte F. Treasure Quest #17 – Feeling Great The Treasure box is near the dungeon to the north west of the third area. The player's item loses a level of enhancement. Let’s see all of the quests in the Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet: Treasure Quest #1 – I Dropped my Secret Data! Weapons and armours successfully enhanced to a level that is close to the maximum attempt value of the item shine as if they are buffed. The item can be found near the SBS Flugel Dungeon in the fourth area. Improves critical rate. Make sure you have unlocked the second area though. [3] The success rate of enhancement greatly drops after the item reaches +4. [8] This trait regulates how many enhancement attempts, whether successful or not, can be carried out on the same item. This quest is given to you by Ikemen Beret at the front desk. Treasure Quest #24 – Mistake Warning This quest is given to you by Ikemen Beret at the front desk.

In this Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Treasure Sub-Quests Guide, we will tell you about the person who gives you a quest, the recommended level and the conditions that you need to fulfil in order to unlock the quest. Given to you by Ikemen Beret, do this quest by finding the Pottery Bottle on a ledge towards the west of the field of the first area. [8] Once this limit is reached, the item becomes an «end product», meaning that it can no longer be enhanced, even if the item's enhancement level does not match the maximum attempts number. The rewards are 52,000C and 8 Releasing Chips and the Outfit Recipe for Smith’s Jacket F. Treasure Quest #18 – I’m Filled with Space Mushrooms The reward for this quest is 6,0000C and Outfit Recipes for Light Ghillie Suit (F and M variants). The colors are to differentiate tiers. This quest is given to you by Ikemen Beret at the front desk. Unlock this quest by completing all of the other quests in the game. Treasure Quest #12 – Believe in a Wonderful Fairy Tail Well, I did this today, got tired of looking around and being clueless. You need level 48 and the SBC Flugel Dungeon unlocked. The unlock condition for this is the Story Quest being 16+ and the recommended level is 52. The item is in a box in the dungeon towards the east of Second Area.

Find it in the dungeon to get the reward of 6,0000C and 8 Releasing Chips and the Outfit Recipe for Tamer’s Jacket F. Treasure Quest #19 – The Thirst One What do you suggest? [1] The breakdown of the item's enhancements can only be viewed by opening its properties window, thus, as specifying the parameters in full becomes tedious, players abbreviate them by saying the first letter of the trait after the number of such enhancements.


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