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Being exposed to multiple state-of-the-art technologies and future-thinking people transformed me entirely and broadened my scope. I'm not even sure if I want to keep this game, because of the lack of chapters/levels. Thanks again. I can't remember if you can pick them up though. The epic story of evolution, technology, and humanity is yours to tap. With infusion of abundance thought and exponential technology global community, we are looking forward to blossoming a one-of-the-kind exponential & mindful community here in Kyoto.”, “The Kyoto SingularityU Chapter will help to bring together a community of innovators in tech and sustainability focused around the massive potential of exponential technologies to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. Gain entropy to unlock the next chapter of the evolution of life. Episode 19 – Singularity (4) That night, the child didn’t die. Enter through the set of doors. Victoria, BC is a provincial capital and it is essential that our political leaders understand these changes, but it is also a technology hub and the Victoria chapter is a place for technologists to come together. As now part of the SingularityU Taipei Chapter, I wish to invite more people from Taiwan to experience this themselves, and hopefully transform Taiwan as a whole.”, “Singularity University changed my mindset from scientist to entrepreneur, built my vision and broadened my horizons within 3 months. “Do what you want.” Han Sooyoung muttered and left in a huff, leaving only Yoo Sangah and I in the abandoned building. I’m excited to see how the SingularityU Minneapolis-St Paul Chapter catalyzes our community to push for more solution focused innovation.”, “There are so many great innovations in Minnesota that can be part of global collaborations to solve the world’s big problems, through the Chapter we look forward to introducing these solutions to the world of SingularityU.”, “Minnesota’s has many great leaders, leaders whose voices are needed in the global conversation about how technology can help to address issues of underemployment, education and equity gaps, and meeting the health needs of our communities.”, “Throughout the world, there are great conversations about how technology can address big issues — like SMB access to private capital and achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, through our Chapter events we hope to bring these conversations to Minnesota.”. Play the evolution of Life on Earth, all it’s past, present and future. We do not know what will be encountered there, what difficulties are there but only that there will be a huge challenge waiting for us, a challenge we can not imagine at all. I want to take action and spread the innovation change!”, Aranka Anema, Cameron MacLeod, Eesmyal Santos-Brault, Gordon Casey, Greg FitzGerald, Philip Edgcumbe, Tamara Etmannski, “Vancouver is unique in its depth of activity in both social impact and STEM innovation. Discover and learn scientific facts about evolution of life and natural history as you play, Enter a space odyssey into speculative science fiction as you click past modern civilization, Get into a life creation mood thanks to an epic soundtrack of classical music, Upgrade the evolution of a single cell organism into a civilization on the brink of a technological singularity, Upgrade tech to Survive on Mars and Terraform Mars. Creating an abundant future for the % 100 is a life-long passion of mine. Vanders, if i played the same level you're talking about, there should be a shotgun you can pick up near the door. Find one near you at If more young people would come to know them and understand how to use them, they will be ready to face the Global Challenges, and eventually impact the world with their ideas.”, SingularityU Panama City: Michal Monit, Luciana Ledesma, “SingularityU Panama Chapter community is envisioned as a platform for dialogue and a knowledge exchange hub for accelerating Spanish-speaking communities in exponential mind-set, technologies and insights.”, “Panama has all the prerequisites to address local challenges using exponential technologies and transform those into global solutions.”, SingularityU Quito: Andrés Zurita, Jorge Perez, Xavier Torres, “The purpose of having a SingularityU Chapter in Quito is to create a community that will share their knowledge and understand how to incorporate new exponential technologies to problem solving.”, “SingularityU Quito Chapter is the beginning of a new mindset in our community. View the fruits of evolution in beautiful 3D habitats. Remember to use Deadlock and the Cryo-tanks. See chapters that have yet to be written — a future evolution beyond the modern day. Kill the enemies, and keep going. It’s a breathtaking evolution game! I am excited and inspired by the possibility of the SingularityU Nassau Chapter as a leader in closing the equity gap in The Caribbean and Latin America.”, “Personally I have desire to create or assist in creating a community of like minded souls who come together to share their best ideas, to display their given talent, to discover their purpose and follow their most passionate dreams. Unlock the future of evolution and the mystery of the technological singularity. It’s a breathtaking evolution game! The epic story of evolution, technology, and humanity is yours to tap. Deep in the primordial soup on Earth lay the organic compounds that would give rise to life’s humble origins. Here in Quito there are a lot of people who are looking for innovation in their new or established business, they represent a really good group of people who can take advantage of this exponential tech and global grand challenges.”, SingularityU Santiago: Antonia Tapia, Eduardo Labarca, Loreto Acevedo, I hope we can create a strong community that helps the Chilean economy to understand and take advantage of the exponential technologies and opportunities.”, I want to expand the exponential thinking to all the Chilean persons in order to enable them to impact in a positive way companies, persons and the world.”, SingularityU Sofia: Teodor Panayotov, Adriana Panayotova, Ekaterina Dimitrova, “I would like to make an impact on a local level in the field of exponential technologies, believing it will be beneficial for our community, as well as for the whole region.”, —Teodor Panayotov, leadership team member, “Singularity University’s mission to find solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges inspires me to be part of the SingularityU Sofia Chapter.”, —Ekaterina Dimitrova SingularityU Sofia leadership team member, SingularityU Taipei: Ju Chun Ko, Chun-Hao Huang, Yeh Wu, “As the first Taiwanese to participate SU community, I’m glad to have more and more alumni from Taiwan and the world through these years. We’re looking for qualified, diverse teams that are collaborative and community-driven. Charles Diggiss, Dr. Desiree Cox, Felicity Humblestone, Jonathan Rodgers, Llewellyn Boyer-Cartwright, Mark Palmer, Michael Fountain, Travis Miller, “I believe that we can use exponential technologies to drive innovation in health, close the equity gap and address health and social inequality; that is what inspired me to reach out to establish a formal partnership with SingularityU in The Bahamas. How do I beat the big monster that is throwing the barrals. Chapter 95: Singularity (4) Prev Next. I’m proud of being one of SU community member, as so as Taipei Chapter to be the first local chapter in East Asia.”, “Participating in Singularity University was the best experience in my life. How do I beat the big monster on the train? All it takes for this epic evolution game to unfold is you. Notes: this fic has some tie-ins with two of my other fics: We never met but can we have a cup of coffee or something, the one-shot Sonadow fic that this one is a spiritual successor to, and transcendent, ephemeral, a Shadow the Hedgehog character study which this fic contains some nods to (ARK-years-wise). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. —Joseph Barisonzi, leadership team member. As you know, I and Mash are going to repair the 7th singularity which is also the last, the most important one. We want to continue strengthening our community of SU Alumni and liked-minded people with moonshot thinking.”, SingularityU Milan: Eric Ezechieli, Emil Olaru, Marta Ghiglioni, Mauro Blanco, “Based on our direct experience at Singularity University, we strongly believe that a much wider dissemination of knowledge, and an informed dialogue about exponential technology acceleration, can help Italy, and Milan in particular, become a role model in leveraging technology as a force for good.”, “After being at Singularity University for 5 months last year, I feel strongly the need and excitement of giving back to Milan the sense of empowerment and community that SU gave me. Simple, intuitive controls–click anywhere for Entropy for new animal Evolutions! It’s a science game about the development of life on Earth. You are my most powerful servant. “My goal for the Chapter is to start the discussion about where as a country we are headed, and how we can meet the opportunities and threats going forward.


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