smash ultimate main picker

Do you like to get in your opponent’s face, or do you prefer playing a heavy zoning game? I'm also having a bit of a crisis.

Imagine theoretically you only have two hours a day to dedicate to practice.

But understand that when you’re dedicating time to serious practice for tournaments or for “serious play”, whatever that means to you, focus that time with just that character or set of characters. With four, that’s half an hour per. If you want a more bait-and-punish style that doesn’t require intricate setups, I’ve heard that Bowser doesn’t do too bad against sword characters (due to his naturally long reach and insane punish game).

I am a Link main, and he is also the only character that I know how to utilize to a decent level. Remember that finding a main is not always an instantaneous process.

He reminds me of all the reasons I loved ROB: a great neutral, manageable disadvantage state, and a unique moveset that is unlike many others.

Who needs a projectile when you have a sword capeable of anything? SubtleTypos here, ready to break down the Berlin Wall of Textthe pun gamehasgrownrusty. Follow me on Twitter @Warchamp7! This post is here to cover what may be one of the most popular topics for this subreddit: Finding out who to main. Duck Hunt doesn't really click with me, either.

Play your single player modes, dick around with level 1 CPUs, lab things out in Training Mode, watch YouTube videos on your character. While the lines are typically very blurry and people can argue where a character’s playstyle can fall on a chart, you can generally tell how a character plays.

SMASH U SMASH 4 MELEE BRAWL & PM SSF 2 SMASH 64. With all that in mind, remember to get experience against actual humans, as that’s where experience and growth happens. Losing is a part of the process.

We’re not Twitch chat with a strawpoll on who you’re gonna play next on For Glory quickplay. Assuming you’re in hardcore practice mode the whole time and you retain everything from your practice time, you’ll already be less than a third behind with three characters compared to if you only had one.

With over 70 characters and a plethora of different ways to play, narrowing down your mains, secondaries, tertiaries, pockets, so on and so forth, has become no easy task.

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Play through as many single player Classic runs as you can. Character Wheel Spin. Although, I have some issues: he’s unbearably slow, his most useful tools run on a limit, and I can never really understand how to utilize Arc Fire. My issue is that he struggles in a lot of matchups (most notably the electric rats). Keep powering through, keep playing with the intent to improve, and in time you’ll get over the plateau and view your progress from the top.

#PostYourRoster Beta v2. And even if a character doesn’t click right off the bat, don’t dismiss them immediately. Ultimate. I also found out that she’s one of my best characters, because she’s the best character out of all the fighters that fit my playstyle (besides Wolf).

Getting Up Tilt combos and Up Air combos are great, doing Side B shenanigans is fun, and other moves like Jab and Back Air just feel good to hit.


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