street map of leeds 1960
���������vA,�C�I���e�g�o������j3���o�o�y�t���_�.�_��'?N�͗���fyz�={������2[���%�����IQf�hۉ����*[�m&�M��z"�]N�p���h�ᶜ��|�C[LT��D�f>hZ������2v�p4]�m&2sP�� `x��ӊ���Q;��cdN�׋��H��o�IIm����ȩmB[W;�C���ى Hunslet Paper Mills and Old Mills, Crown Bottle Works, malthouses, tramways. endobj  Early 1900s. presence near the centre of the map; Hunslet Carr, with glass works and tannery; Woodhouse Hill; Stourton; Thwaite Gate, with Hunslet Forge; central Hunslet, incl St Mary's church, Hunslet Chemical Works, . Early view of tramlines in Park Lane, looking in the direction of the City centre. These detailed maps normally cover an area of about one and a half miles by one mile. ore text that ^list[s] all the known printed plans and maps of Leeds up to and including the year í9 ì ì, together with certain points of view. The map links up with Sheets 218.06 South Leeds to the north, 218.09 Beeston to the west. This is a survey of estates in Yorkshire by Christopher Saxton. The building footprints, their use (commercial, residential, educational, etc. ), the number of floors and the height of the building, as well as construction materials (and thus risk of burning) and special fire hazards (chemicals, kilns, ovens) were documented in order to estimate premiums. L 906 THO Thoresby Society and Leeds ity Libraries. <>>> Shows Leeds in 1841 Shows Leeds in 1903 Shows Leeds in 1925 Shows Leeds in 1841 Shows Leeds in 1841 Books about Leeds area 4 0 obj The map bears Saxton's signature. As usual we include selected extracts from street directories on both maps.  stream 3 0 obj <> How £59m Tier 3 cash will be split across West Yorkshire - and what you are entitled to. provides on-line street level maps for the whole of the UK Skip to navigation It appears that your browser either does not support javascript or has had javascript disabled, and you have meta redirects disabled. These instructions will show you how to find historical maps online. Coverage stretches from Lady Pit Lane eastward to %���� depicted - and other features include the Midland Railway running through the map, with station, sidings, connecting mineral lines; a stretch of the GNR Hunslet Branch; Leeds Steel Works, a major Leeds Carriers' Warehouse District: Key Plan 1 : 126720 This "key plan" indicates coverage of the Goad 1896 series of fire insurance maps of Leeds that were originally produced to aid insurance companies in assessing fire risks. Employed by land owning families and the courts he produced work for consideration during investigations and disputes over property matters. 1 0 obj Each map includes an introduction. Leeds in Maps [. You can scroll down to find more maps of this location. To the west, across Hunslet Moor, is the Dewsbury Road area of Hunslet. Nelson's had numerous branches in Leeds at this time. Names of individual businesses, property lines, and addresses were also often recorded. m �l՛���HG��O�A4�ӎg�� �;?�2�Asۄ�E����� fx��D�y�� �j G�НU�m��Q��i��R(L����m�9j��6��h�� �"�-h�M11���¿�V�t �X�ߔ�Z͹ ���]�1yh��C��e���啴�Ta�$� �xI�3L#���ǁ�oj�Q� Z*̷�t-U�)����l�8�R��{�A^42?dIE�-EXI. Here are the details of maps for Hunslet: We have published two versions of this map, showing how the area changed across the years. , Share With photographs taken from the Historic England Archive, a unique collection of over 12 million photographs, drawings, plans and documents covering England’s archaeology, architecture, social and local history, these images show the city of Leeds as it once was, from its streets, squares and parks to its mills and factories. Narrow your search with advanced settings, such as Years (from/to), Fulltext, Publisher, etc. Together these maps provide a rich historical shapshot of the commercial activity and urban landscape of towns and cities at the time. The British Library holds a comprehensive collection of fire insurance plans produced by the London-based firm Charles E. Goad Ltd. dating back to 1885. Follow this link for a complete list of our. Booklet to Printed Maps and Plans of Leeds, 1711-1900 (1960; Thoresby Society: Vol.47). Later in his career Saxton became an estate surveyor and by the late 1580's was established in this profession. See the results of your search on the right side. At the right edge, at the junction with Marlborough Street, is the business of James Nelson & Sons Ltd, butchers of number 177 Park Lane. The building footprints, their use (commercial, residential, educational, etc. The depiction of hills in profile with shading on one side is typical of Saxton's work and can be seen in the printed maps of his atlas of England and Wales. endobj  This "key plan" indicates coverage of the Goad 1896 series of fire insurance maps of Leeds that were originally produced to aid insurance companies in assessing fire risks. This atlas provided the most accurate and detailed image of Britain to date.


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