the other guys tuna vs lion scene script

JULIE (the barista, turning around to face him): Scott Pilgrim! You’re goin’ towards the ball, the ball’s comin’ in, you’re sussin’ out the trajectory of it, the angle of it, the spin on it, the way the wind’s blowin’, the speed of the wind, everything. I went to college in Ohio. HASSAN: Oh, what? MARK: He’s in New York. It’s everyone else that’s crazy. LASER: No, Mom. Ya hear me?

The legalese and political intrigue are juiced up by Ruth’s low opinion of her husband and her suspicion that he’s sleeping with Amelia, both of which surface in this contentious meeting. You are out gunned and. Yes! Lions don’t like water. Just Capt. Not a lot. And guess what? I hope you enjoy it! Huh? …..NOPE.”. (The crowd jeers in disapproval.) SCOTT: No, no, I want to hang. Christinith!! It’s a Western fantasy. It may not have been good business, but it pissed a lot of people off. If I were a lion and your were a tuna I would swim out into the middle of the ocean and friggin eat you! Its not going to be days at a time, an hour, hour 45.

All the gun fights, all the car chases, all the sex we don't wanna have with women but we have to. (stunned silence from both moms) All rights reserved. ADAM: Josh? You lose that battle. EUGENE: Uh, the surgery is scheduled for next month. You have the right to remain silent. Andra spends much of the film being difficult, but Mrs. Portman smooths out her edges in this scene rather admirably. Exactly! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! People mistook me for a schoolteacher. So I have wanted to hear this scene on repeat now since first seeing the movie.

AURA: Yeah, I don’t know. SCOTT: How are you doing that with your mouth? Something to aim for, you know? AURA (looking through the window): Charlotte! JULES: We won’t judge you. JED: Aw, shucks. You have the right to remain silent, but I wanna here you scream!

Christinith! LASER (suddenly realizes): Did you guys think I was gay? My favorite Will Ferrell moment is when he appears at the end of the LEGO Movie. "Uhooo, aha, I did things in bed with you that I haven't done with ANYONE since". MRS. PORTMAN: Okay, before the cancer. There are a lot of good things in life, like uh, SODA POP, nice big can of SODA POP. JULIE (taking his order): You know what?

He comes up with an idea for a high-end place that doesn’t make you feel like a pervert. I also thought it would be funny to write it out using my military transcription techniques. from the movie The Other Guys, “If we were in the wild, I would attack you. GAMBLE: No, you don’t have to. pop, where does chocolate milk come from? It’s been really hard these last few weeks. ANDRA: Mine’s not good. / We are the martyrs, / You’re just smashed tomatoes.” (shouts) Allahu akbar! I totally understand if you don’t want to hang out any more.

AMELIA: The British government will cooperate fully with the investigation.


NIC: Forget the setup, who’s Paul? CANTONA: No. Oh, and I’d totally pay to see a movie made from Gamble’s vision of a tuna vs. lion smackdown.

You're outgunned and outmanned. It’s one of the most underrated films of the last decade.

Girl I loved in high school was with the co-captain of the varsity lacrosse team, and I wanted to take her from him. SCOTT: Yeah, you kind of disappeared.

Then I'd bang your tuna girlfriend. The Other Guys Script Resources: The Other Guys Script PDF at Script Slug; The Other Guys Script PDF at; The Other Guys Script PDF at Script Fly ($) Note: Multiple links are listed since (a) different versions exist and (b) many scripts posted become unavailable over time. with his 20 or 30 friends? Hour 45? The Other Guys Scene Tuna vs Lion Scene Vote . FEMALE REPORTER (on TV): … believe we can now go live to the U.N. in New York, where the former British Foreign Secretary Richard Rycart is about to make a statement. I didn’t say anything!

ADAM: What do you think, Ruth? SEAN: Suckin’ up to ad execs. I toyed around with the idea of chronicling my 29th year and after some encouragement from friends I decided to take a chance.
How’s your sandwich, Grandma? Most comedies today seem…lazy.

AURA: Oh my God, I think I know who that is. You are under arrest. JULES (to Nic): Honey…

JED: Oh, crying. Cash Bar. You just lost at your own game. Amelia, tell the boys we’re leaving. So I decided to come up with the next big thing. I'm talking to you!

And then, I?d bang your tuna girlfriend, Even if you weren't in my food chain, I'd go out of my way to attack you.

You’re here! You are under arrest. We’ve talked to ourselves. I flicked it to the outside of my boot, surprise everyone.

We will be able to trap certain amounts of oxygen. Yeah, that’d suit you right down to the ground, wouldn’t it?

Home > My Everyday Life > lion v. tuna dialogue (the other guys) lion v. tuna dialogue (the other guys) August 20, 2010 matthewcolvin Leave a comment Go to comments. Stop! This is an early scene from The Other Guys, where disgraced NYPD detective Holtz has just been mismatched with forensic accountant Gamble, and the male trash talk goes to surreal extremes — the last line couldn’t be more appropriate. This movie had my favorite Mark Wahlberg performance all year. The script is credited to Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, but this scene is heavily improvised by the actors, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. They’re scared of me, pal, and they’re gonna be scared of you. AURA: I’m here. The script is credited to Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, but this scene is heavily improvised by the actors, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. ( Log Out /  ANDRA: A lot of people were jealous of me. What kind of woman would slow roast a dogs asshole, and serve it to her husband? We’ve talked to ourselves. JED: My mistake. SEAN: Napster wasn’t a failure. (Envy walks over.) Here’s a terrific scene from the early part of The Kids Are All Right, by Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg. CANTONA (imperiously): I am not a man! NIC: Anything. Dig deep inside.

We will construct a series of breathing apparatus with kelp. If I were a lion, and you were a tuna, I'd swim out to the middle of the ocean and freaking eat you! there gonna kill me and then they will kill you. ENVY: Maybe you will see him. Poor guy just wanted to buy his wife a pair of thigh-highs. MRS. PORTMAN (chuckling): You’re funny, Andra. AURA: I am really sad. You’re gonna get along really great. Hope you enjoy it okay, first off a Lion? It was really lame, and he really liked my monologue. The goalie runs out, he punches it away. Lets go get some more lion.’ Then I'd bang your tuna girlfriend. Let’s go get some more lion!” We’ve developed a system to establish a beachhead and aggressively hunt you and your family. The opening scene has been justly celebrated, but there’s lots of other well-written bits as well, like this exchange in a nightclub as Napster co-founder Sean Parker tries to woo Mark Zuckerberg to his vision of what Facebook should be. With them are Rebecca’s patient, Mrs. Portman, and her grandson Eugene, whom Mrs. Portman is trying to fix up Rebecca with even though he’s several inches shorter than Rebecca. No problem!


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