honda crv intermittent starting problem

3/8″ Drive Metric Socket Set (14mm / 17mm sockets / 10mm sockets), Best Magnetic Socket Sets (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ Impact / Chrome) Illustrated Buying Guide, Good Spark Plugs VS Bad With Photos & Examples, How to Get Oil Stains Out of Your Garage Floor (List of Mechanic Tricks! Put the spark tester in the end of the spark plug wire, ground it, have a friend try to start the car and see what your spark looks like on the tester, if no spark or intermittent spark, most likely you need an Ignition coil but try all 4 spark plug wires, if one or some seem ok but not all, then do a tune up, cap, rotor, spark plug wires also go bad and have added resistance and can also make weak spark, if all 4 seem weak, and as long as you have the cap and rotor off anyways, change them also, how old are your spark plug wires and plugs, go ahead and do everything for peace of mind and your doing it yourself, disconnect your battery if changing the ignition coil as you might short out its wiring. Guarantee you that's what it is. Another cause can be a defective ignition lock or defective ignition electronics. Starters are KNOWN to be a faulty or failing part on these Honda’s from 2002-2007. Such a compact quick-charging system is available from $40. Haven't checked grounds yet, but after a week of perfect starts it's back to the same symptoms as post #1. When the issue does happen the engine is usually cold. Home » Troubleshooting » Honda CR-V won’t start – causes and how to fix it. is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Your email address will not be published. It seems easy, but let me tell you that the scars on my hand would prove it was far from easy. I'm so tired of this. Not throwing any codes, it let's drive for a while and see. another time after turning key to start position, there was

It was throwing P1009 and 83-1. Both were clicking when power was applied and had continuity under power. 2003 Honda Cr-V has intermittent starting problems. Is your Honda CR-V years 2002 to 2007 acting slow to start or not starting sometimes? Then the engine tries to start but fails because the fuel pump does not deliver fuel to the combustion chamber or the ignition spark for the required combustion is missing. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

Just take it off with the intake manifold. It is really up to you. even tho I was getting spark IT WAS NOT A BLUE SPARK replaced the coil hit the key stared up ran rough till it cleared all the excess fuel now it purrs like a kitten !! However, it is possible that the starter relay will become damaged due to excessive heat, dirt, and debris or other issues that … By the way: If you have recently refueled and discovered a puddle under your car, you should have the lines and hoses checked immediately. A common problem on these 2002-2007 Honda Cr-V and any K Series Honda Engine! If loose cables can be seen here, this can already point to the culprit. Hi! 2016 CRV Touring AWD. another time after turning key to start position, there was a faint clicking noise. Or completely misjudge the remaining range. took to honda world. JavaScript is disabled. Although modern cars inform their drivers in good time about an insufficiently filled tank and also alert older cars with lights, it happens again and again that some drivers overlook and ignore all signals in the stress of everyday life. © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. takes 2 times to start engine. no sounds. It also depends on the problem whether the vehicle can be started up again quickly or whether this can only be remedied with great effort or with the help of a professional. Does the CR-V not start despite a new battery and a functioning alternator? Bf checked spark plug and said weak orange spark. Sure! My wife has a 2007 CRV that's having trouble starting. Still nothing has helped, no check engine light or, © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — So you’re having problems starting your Honda CR-V. Don’t worry, we will go through each potential cause that may be hindering your vehicle from starting in this article, and what you can do about it. Theres no joy with a... - 1995-2001 Honda CRV

Side note: once it's running it is fine. When I go to crank the engine it sounds like a spark / fuel issue. Doesnt sound like a fuel issue . When the issue does happen the engine is usually cold. Ignition cylinder on these cars is also known to fail. You seemed to say the starter quits turning the engine over after a few time? the spark was very small the color was white - orange if I layed the plugs on top of head over the hole to each cylinder it shot flames so I figured it was good NOT SO!!! Always treat cars with mechanical sympathy and take care of them properly. Press harder, nothing again.

they diagnosed and found starter needed to be replaced.

It is faster with a start booster. The spark plug can be changed quickly and easily by the way. This can be a confusing problem for sure, but these cars are known for one item going bad which can cause these symptoms. The guy tested it using the handheld tester and said it was good. This site is dedicated to tool reviews, how to guides, and articles about car repair. That way you do not need to remove the throttle body from the intake manifold (and don’t need to replace the gasket).

I have this same trouble. When I turn the key to on The following lights are on. Mechanic's Assistant: Thanks. Before starting in winter, all consumers such as the low beam, radio or seat heating should therefore be deactivated. It is very very intermittent. Can you give me any more details about your issue? The battery can also be charged by an alternator that is no longer working properly. You likely have a bad starter motor! …

The same signs can apply to a deeply discharged battery, so this should be ruled out first. have a 2007 honda crv 4 cylinder. 08 Homda CRV not starting 2 Answers. Begins to crank (a few turns) then stops cranking. when I put the plugs in nothing !!!! BE advised unless the spark is blue CHANGE the freaken thing hope it helps you all out. This has been happening for the last couple of months. 2003 Honda Cr-V has intermittent starting problems. I had

A single defective candle is enough to stop the car from starting. Duane Donaldson, I'm actually having similar issues with my 01, changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, both O2 sensors, catalytic converter, cap, rotor, coil, plugs and wires and the pgm-fi relay. Contact the author:, Honda CR-V won’t start – causes and how to fix it, Chevrolet Equinox won't start - causes and how to fix it, Nissan Rogue won't start - causes and how to fix it, Ford Explorer won't start - causes and how to fix it, Hyundai Tucson won't start - causes and how to fix it, Ford F-150 won't start - common causes and solutions, Toyota Camry won't start - common causes and fixes, Toyota Tacoma won't start - causes and solutions, Fuel pump or filter is broken / not properly supplied with power, Defects in the ignition lock / ignition electronics, Errors, defects or moisture in the Electrics, Problems with the starter, broken starter, Main contacts of the magnetic switch or magnetic switch broken. If the spark plugs are defective, this can usually be noticed quickly.

Get it to seat all the way down on the terminal, and make sure it is clean. Having done this job myself on the ground on jack stands I can tell you, 100%, I would definitely take the intake manifold off and remove the starter from the top. I would start by checking the ignition modual in the distributor.

@yesmeliz36, 2 months ago it died right after starting the car before I even had time to put it in gear.

By pumping the gas it can't be electrical.... right? turn key to start and nothing happens. If you want to check the charge status of your battery, you can do this with a voltage measuring device. New battery picked up, placed into vehicle. On average, spark plugs should be replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 kilometers. Old School Mechanic Tip #2: Which Way Does The Thermostat Go? But this week increasingly worse, not starting after sitting a day then all of a sudden fires up I go drive and this last 2 times Im actually cruising about 40 miles down road no sounds just died thank goodness I am able to coast to side park it and begin to walk home.

The car will not start! Regular maintenance done oil change etc. occasionally, like one time out of 50 normal starts. The 2014 Honda CR-V has 5 problems reported for difficulty starting. You can choose either way but here are some tips: To take the starter out from the bottom, follow these two videos: To get the starter out from the “top” what I would argue is easier follow this video guide. With the exact right socket and breaker bar set up, you can get it loose, and then you battle getting it all the way off. We replaced the battery with the official Honda pr... Why won't the hood of my 2018 CRV close properly? Drivers recognize a discharged or defective car battery by the fact that the starter either tries to start very slowly, clumsily or does not turn at all when trying to start. Until then, nothing works anymore. Mechanic's Assistant: Thanks. Guides and Reviews Written for the DIYer / Technician. This problem can only be remedied by replacing the ignition lock or the defective key or the chip card in it.

So pulled the plugs today. Do not spend a bunch of time diagnosing an intermittent no start if you have slow cranking and intermittent no start. I just restarted the car and off I went.

Won't start. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies.

Hope this helps, Hello I have a 2001 Honda CR-V I had it running 5 min and it cut off and won't start back up it tries but it won't start the lights and radio works I thought it was fuel pump but can hear it coming on I was thinking fuel filter could there be someiim missing pls help, Something I'm missing pls help sorry typo. I had the alternator replaced and a new battery. Back to square one.

Turning key off and then back to "start" results in silence. A weak orange spark could also indicate a bad coil.

It is always good to check the wire running to the starter that gives it 12v to tell it to crank over. Endoscope Vs. Borescope: What Is The Real Difference? You can simulate a bad ignition cylinder by just not turning the key all the way to the “start” position and you should hear that classic buzzing sound that would indicate a bad ignition cylinder. For example with clacking noises. On a Honda CR-V from 2002-2007, the starter is located underneath the intake manifold. The latch is fully functional, and one side closes correctly, however the other side (close to the windshield stays partially raised. This is due to the fact that an empty battery still has sufficient voltage for the magnetic switch on the starter, which causes this clicking noise.

every so often it does not start, won't turn over at On Honda’s 2002-2007 most intermittent no start conditions or a slow cranking sound that doesn’t go away with a jumpstart are due to a bad or dying starter motor.

But there are also spark plugs that last much longer at up to 100,000 kilometers. So far after waiting for 5 minutes or less it will usually suddenly crank like nothing was ever wrong.

For example, if you are forced to stop on the highway due to a lack of petrol, you maybe fined for it.

Lights come on, starter turns over quickly. Checking grounds next.


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